Sheffield Corporation Transport

This page is dedicated to PRV or Roe products initially destined for Sheffield Corporation; thus it is a compilation of vehicles found elsewhere on this website. 

Intriguingly bus services in Yorkshire, were at one time, operated by an amalgamation of committees from separate companies known as Joint Omnibus Committees.  Sheffield Corporation had three fleets operating in defined boundary areas; one owned by the Corporation and two others, one jointly owned with the British Railways’ Board (BRB), and another solely owned by the BRB.  Whilst all fleets carried the Sheffield logo and livery the vehicles' legal ownership was specified independently which can be seen in the supersized image of the AEC Swift (TWE125F) below.

AEC Monocoach 

TWJ505 is a PRV bodied (Body No. B38043) Built June 1955 for Sheffield.

AEC Bridgemaster 

b41891_6-1.jpg (51536 bytes)b41891_6-2.jpg (51536 bytes) Registration Numbers 2519WE & 2523WE, built in 1958/9 (Body Nos. B41891-6) were the first & penultimate of six "B3RA" Bridgemasters with Park Royal H45/31R bodywork delivered to Sheffield Corporation in January/February 1959 (Fleet Number 519 & 523) (Information Roger Hardy).

AEC Regent V

b48974_82-2.jpg (93221 bytes)b48974_82-3.jpg (88168 bytes)b48974_82-4.jpg (75643 bytes) Registration 367EWE Built March 1963 (Body Nos. B48974-82) for Sheffield Corporation.

b49966_77-1.jpg (86502 bytes)b49966_77-2.jpg (77836 bytes)b49966_77-3.jpg (81186 bytes)b49966_77-4.jpg (83653 bytes)b49966_77-5.jpg (74727 bytes)b49966_77-6.jpg (77869 bytes) Registration 373HWE Built December 1963 (Body Nos. B49966-77) for Sheffield.

AEC Swift

b55821_31-1.jpg (99024 bytes)b55821_31-2.jpg (84304 bytes)b55821_31-3.jpg (73741 bytes)b55821_31-4.jpg (104374 bytes) Registration Number TWE125F built in May 1968 (Body Nos. B55821-31); for Sheffield.

b55699_720-1.jpg (107812 bytes)b55699_720-2.jpg (92390 bytes)b55699_720-3.jpg (66902 bytes)b55699_720-4.jpg (87278 bytes) Registration Number TWE20F built in June 1968 (Body Nos. B55699-720); for Sheffield.

b56113_7-1.jpg (286122 bytes)b56113_7-2.jpg (288179 bytes)b56113_7-3.jpg (272526 bytes)b56113_7-4.jpg (229778 bytes) Registration Number DWB50H built in June 1970 (Body Nos. B56113-7); for Sheffield.

Daimler Fleetline

b44936_65-1.jpg (85510 bytes)b44936_65-2.jpg (84509 bytes)b44936_65-3.jpg (77798 bytes)b44936_65-4.jpg (81605 bytes) Registration Number AWB969B Built May 1964 (Body Nos. B49936-65); for Sheffield.

b51745-70-1.jpg (100037 bytes)b51745-70-2.jpg (91594 bytes)b51745-70-3.jpg (82168 bytes)b51745-70-4.jpg (78999 bytes) Registration Number EWB125C Built January 1965 (Body Nos. B51745-70); for Sheffield.

b57697_719-1.jpg (100614 bytes)b57697_719-2.jpg (92776 bytes)b57697_719-3.jpg (70026 bytes)b57697_719-4.jpg (71770 bytes) Registration Number HWB238J Built March 1971 (Body Nos. B57697-719); for Sheffield.

b58030_59-1.jpg (123181 bytes)b58030_59-2.jpg (101729 bytes)b58030_59-3.jpg (74934 bytes)b58030_59-4.jpg (75052 bytes) Registration Number HWJ698J Built April 1971 (Body Nos. B58030-59); for Sheffield.

b58425_54-1.jpg (107161 bytes)b58425_54-2.jpg (95578 bytes)b58425_54-3.jpg (70863 bytes)b58425_54-4.jpg (61805 bytes)b58425_54-5.jpg (65694 bytes)b58425_54-6.jpg (59281 bytes)b58425_54-7.jpg (63736 bytes) Registration Number WWJ768M Built October 1973 (Body Nos. B58425-54); for Sheffield.

Leyland Atlantean

b49761_7-1.jpg (89647 bytes) Registration Number CWB340B Built in November 1964 (Body Nos. B51744); for Sheffield.

b53284_95-2.jpg (95117 bytes)b53284_95-2.jpg (95117 bytes)b53284_95-3.jpg (90969 bytes)b53284_95-4.jpg (67067 bytes) Registration Number JWJ193D Built in February 1966 (Body Nos. B53284-95); for Sheffield.

b55744_73-1.jpg (97066 bytes)b55744_73-2.jpg (97066 bytes)b55744_73-3.jpg (76977 bytes)b55744_73-4.jpg (73764 bytes)b55744_73-5.jpg (67608 bytes)b55744_73-6.jpg (59656 bytes) Registration Number WWB214G Built in October 1968 (Body Nos. B55744-73); for Sheffield. One of this series of buses appears in the film "Memories of Trams, Buses & Trolleybuses" on the "PRVdesign Group" page.

b55832_47-1.jpg (85934 bytes)b55832_47-2.jpg (86912 bytes)b55832_47-3.jpg (79470 bytes)b55832_47-4.jpg (62360 bytes) Registration Number TWE114F Built in May 1966 (Body Nos. B55832-47); for Sheffield. One of this series of buses appears in the film "Memories of Trams, Buses & Trolleybuses" on the "PRVdesign Group" page.

b56868_907-1.jpg (109790 bytes)b56868_907-2.jpg (97141 bytes)b56868_907-3.jpg (71099 bytes)b56868_907-4.jpg (67702 bytes) Registration Number BWB555H Built in May 1966 (Body Nos. B56868-907); for Sheffield.

b57014_53-1.jpg (103402 bytes)b57014_53-2.jpg (96904 bytes)b57014_53-3.jpg (67394 bytes)b57014_53-4.jpg (60591 bytes) Registration Number DWB676H Built in April 1970 (Body Nos. B57014-53); for Sheffield.

Leyland Leopard

b46986_9-2.jpg (98867 bytes)b46986_9-3.jpg (93514 bytes) Registration Number 616BWB Built in March 1962 (Body Nos. B46986-9); for Sheffield.