AEC Monocoach

Ian McLellan-Smith advises that, appearance-wise, the bodies for the Monocoach and the AEC Reliance were all but identical.  The only clue to their construction being different was the fuel filler position; the Monocoach one going right through the lower moulding line.

LSC571 is a PRV bodied (Body No. B37244) AEC Monocoach destined for Scottish Motor Traction (Scottish Omnibuses) fleet number B430.  Built August 1954 this was the sixth of this AEC/PRV integral design.

LWS914 is a PRV bodied AEC Monocoach (Body No. B37642) Built March 1955 for Scottish Omnibuses.

TWJ505 is a PRV bodied AEC Monocoach (Body No. B38043) Built June 1955 for Sheffield.