Daimler Fleetline

b44936_65-1.jpg (85510 bytes)b44936_65-2.jpg (84509 bytes)b44936_65-3.jpg (77798 bytes)b44936_65-4.jpg (81605 bytes) Registration Number AWB969B Built May 1964 (Body Nos. B49936-65); for Sheffield.

b48778_95-1.jpg (90491 bytes)b48778_95-2.jpg (82791 bytes)b48778_95-3.jpg (62743 bytes)b48778_95-4.jpg (69163 bytes) Registration Number 61NAU Built October 1962 (Body Nos. B48778-95); for Nottingham City.

b49110_259-1.jpg (69446 bytes)b49110_259-2.jpg (71190 bytes)b49110_259-3.jpg (76947 bytes)b49110_259-4.jpg (77660 bytes)b49110_259-5.jpg (77263 bytes)b49110_259-6.jpg (70066 bytes)b49110_259-7.jpg (60893 bytes) Registration Number 255GON Built June 1963 (Body Nos. B49110-259); for Birmingham City.

b51745-70-1.jpg (100037 bytes)b51745-70-2.jpg (91594 bytes)b51745-70-3.jpg (82168 bytes)b51745-70-4.jpg (78999 bytes) Registration Number EWB125C Built January 1965 (Body Nos. B51745-70); for Sheffield.

b55123_260-1.jpg (96703 bytes)b55123_260-2.jpg (89959 bytes)b55123_260-3.jpg (71645 bytes)b55123_260-4.jpg (61018 bytes) Registration Number FOC617D Built December 1966 (Body Nos. B55123-260); for Birmingham City.

b55211_60-1.jpg (64003 bytes)b55211_60-2.jpg (59394 bytes)b55211_60-3.jpg (73781 bytes)b55211_60-4.jpg (70911 bytes)b55211_60-5.jpg (75376 bytes)b55211_60-6.jpg (86080 bytes) Registration Number NOV836G Built November 1968 (Body Nos. B55211-60); for Birmingham City.

b55407_18-1.jpg (91929 bytes)b55407_18-2.jpg (89938 bytes)b55407_18-3.jpg (70531 bytes)b55407_18-4.jpg (78349 bytes) Registration Number MAT833F Built December 1967 (Body Nos. B55407-18); for East Yorkshire.

b55728_43-1.jpg (106474 bytes)b55728_43-2.jpg (96883 bytes)b55728_43-3.jpg (77295 bytes)b55728_43-4.jpg (75673 bytes)b55728_43-5.jpg (71073 bytes)b55728_43-6.jpg (71734 bytes)b55728_43-7.jpg (75947 bytes) Registration Number JKG498F Built January 1968 (Body Nos. B55728-43); for Cardiff.

b56393-439-1.jpg (112498 bytes)b56393-439-2.jpg (107255 bytes)b56393_439-3.jpg (76632 bytes)b56393_439-4.jpg (60916 bytes) Registration Number LNA255G Built February 1969 (Body Nos. B56393-439); for Manchester.

b56715_21-1.jpg (110976 bytes)b56715_21-2.jpg (111564 bytes)b56715_21-3.jpg (74955 bytes)b56715_21-4.jpg (80652 bytes) Registration Number RAT866G Built April 1969 (Body Nos. B56715-21); for East Yorkshire.

b56543_62-1.jpg (102595 bytes)b56543_62-2.jpg (93105 bytes)b56543_62-3.jpg (71110 bytes)b56543_62-4.jpg (83084 bytes) Registration Number RFN959G Built May 1969 (Body Nos. B56543-62); for East Kent.

b56723_822-1.jpg (106816 bytes)b56723_822-2.jpg (89963 bytes)b56723_822-3.jpg (70767 bytes)b56723_822-4.jpg (73885 bytes) Registration Number SOE928H Built November 1969 (Body Nos. B56723-822); for West Midlands.

b56463_92-1.jpg (90408 bytes)b56463_92-2.jpg (90408 bytes)b56463_92-3.jpg (71836 bytes)b56463_92-4.jpg (86824 bytes) Registration Number UNW208H Built February 1970 (Body Nos. B56463-92); for Leeds.

b57245_62-1.jpg (99159 bytes)b57245_62-2.jpg (91471 bytes)b57245_62-3.jpg (65163 bytes)b57245_62-4.jpg (70324 bytes) Registration Number SWK61J Built September 1970 (Body Nos. B57245-62); for Coventry City.

b57488_604-1.jpg (108856 bytes)b57488_604-2.jpg (95370 bytes)b57488_604-3.jpg (65840 bytes)b57488_604-4.jpg (66497 bytes)b57488_604-5.jpg (75404 bytes)b57488_604-6.jpg (68569 bytes)b57488_604-7.jpg (85841 bytes)b57488_604-8.jpg (68676 bytes) Registration Number EGP30J Built October 1970 (Body Nos. B57488-604); for L.T.E..

b58061_160-2.jpg (86978 bytes)b58061_160-3.jpg (82078 bytes)b58061_160-4.jpg (83248 bytes) Registration Number XON50J Built January 1971 (Body Nos. B58061-160); for West Midlands.

b57697_719-1.jpg (100614 bytes)b57697_719-2.jpg (92776 bytes)b57697_719-3.jpg (70026 bytes)b57697_719-4.jpg (71770 bytes) Registration Number HWB238J Built March 1971 (Body Nos. B57697-719); for Sheffield.

b57715_9-2.jpg (108238 bytes)b57715_9-3.jpg (65090 bytes)b57715_9-4.jpg (66456 bytes) Registration Number XHE755J Built March 1971 (Body Nos. B57715-9); for Yorkshire Traction.

b58030_59-1.jpg (123181 bytes)b58030_59-2.jpg (101729 bytes)b58030_59-3.jpg (74934 bytes)b58030_59-4.jpg (75052 bytes) Registration Number HWJ698J Built April 1971 (Body Nos. B58030-59); for Sheffield.

b57720_79-2.jpg (93060 bytes)b57720_79-3.jpg (72691 bytes)b57720_79-4.jpg (66319 bytes) Registration Number RNA227J Built May 1971 (Body Nos. B57720-79); for Manchester.

b57780_829-1.jpg (92147 bytes)b57780_829-2.jpg (92147 bytes)b57780_829-3.jpg (77704 bytes)b57780_829-4.jpg (90451 bytes) Registration Number JGF160K Built June 1971 (Body Nos. B57780-829); for L.T.E..

Registration Number GHV500N JGF368K Built December '74 to January '75 (Body No. B59087) was the thousandth Daimler Fleetline built for L.T.E.. It was one of the batch of 860 Fleetlines (Body Nos. B58445-9304) delivered between June 1972 & March 1976 just before Leyland dropped the Daimler name. The last of the batch of 30 Leyland Fleetlines [making up 890] (expected Body Nos. B59305-34) were transferred to MCW for construction (this was the first time such an arrangement had been made).  Many Fleetlines had been built by PRV for L.T.E. since 1970 and two further significant batches were to follow with some of those also transferred to MCW.  The picture shows the bus sporting its celebratory sign that it was the 1000th "Londoner" (as LT called the marque) parked in Twyford Abbey Road for an official photograph; which this image is. It was scrapped in February '84.

Eric Jones kindly supplied this newspaper article (dating from between late June & September 30th 1971) showing an interesting image of the "Londoner" being constructed at PRV. Neither the photographer nor the newspaper is known but partial snippets of articles surrounding this PRV article (not shown) suggest that the publication was dedicated to the transport industry. One of the snippets makes comment on the nuptials of an ECW employee that FreeBMD¹ reveals occurred during the third quarter of 1971; hence the ability to nearly date the publication.  

b58425_54-1.jpg (107161 bytes)b58425_54-2.jpg (95578 bytes)b58425_54-3.jpg (70863 bytes)b58425_54-4.jpg (61805 bytes)b58425_54-5.jpg (65694 bytes)b58425_54-6.jpg (59281 bytes)b58425_54-7.jpg (63736 bytes) Registration Number WWJ768M Built October 1973 (Body Nos. B58425-54); for Sheffield.

b60124_223-1.jpg (112350 bytes)b60124_223-2.jpg (108702 bytes)b60124_223-3.jpg (77526 bytes)b60124_223-4.jpg (69926 bytes)b60124_223-5.jpg (72014 bytes)b60124_223-6.jpg (74863 bytes)b60124_223-7.jpg (90528 bytes)b60124_223-8.jpg (66564 bytes) Registration Number EOF292L Built February 1973 (Body Nos. B60124-223); for West Midlands.

b60224_323-2.jpg (85344 bytes)b60224_323-3.jpg (73946 bytes)b60224_323-4.jpg (71352 bytes)b60224_323-5.jpg (68704 bytes)b60224_323-6.jpg (67475 bytes)b60224_323-7.jpg (68918 bytes) Registration Number JOV629P Built January 1975 (Body Nos. B60224-323); for West Midlands.

(In 1976 Leyland dropped the Daimler name from the Fleetline chassis and subsequent vehicles were known as Leyland Fleetlines.)

Registration Number OJD376R (we don't know the reg. of the one behind). Built April 1977 (Body No. B60975); for London Transport. Being used here as a sightseeing bus in Philadelphia, USA. This is one of the same huge batch as immediately below, built for LT between 1976 & 78. (Photo kindly sent in by Jeffrey Ornstein).

b60837-1245-1.jpg (86088 bytes)b60837-1245-2.jpg (62896 bytes)b60837-1245-3.jpg (90776 bytes)b60837-1245-4.jpg (78951 bytes)b60837-1245-5.jpg (77609 bytes)b60837-1245-6.jpg (100710 bytes)b60837-1245-7.jpg (96316 bytes) Registration Number THX631S Built August 1978 (Body Nos. B60837-1245); for London Transport. (Photographs Copyright © (3))

b61911_2030-1.jpg (69945 bytes)b61911_2030-2.jpg (76955 bytes) Registration Number SDA625S Built February 1978 (Body Nos. B61911-2030); for West Midlands. (Photographs Copyright © (3))


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