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A nostalgic website exclusively for ex-Drawing Office employees of Park Royal Vehicles Ltd. (London N.W.10) who were active during the sixties and seventies and includes personal memories, photographs & videos.

If you are an ex-employee of the Drawing Office, please apply to join our group by emailing the webmaster.

There are plenty of photographs and anecdotes on the website for you to reminisce.

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Memories of Trams, Buses & Trolleybuses - (Click the video to play; else please click the title link left):

Here I'm pleased to present a wonderful 9mm Cine Film made during the 1960ís by Eric Jones (a member of the PRVdesign Group) capturing nostalgic scenes of trams, buses & trolleybuses; a must for all die-hard bus transport enthusiasts. Ed.

The contents include rare footage of some P.R.V. workshops, bus production, buses being driven around the works & the drawing office (between 1962 & 1968); Eastbourne Trams; Manchester City Transport double-decker at the P.R.V. works (1968); L.T.E. Area S.W. (where green meets red) with scenes of routes 265, 418, 468, 65 & 65A (between 1963 & 1967); Bournemouth trolleybuses - two third size (now in Devon); various routes and bus scenes including: Leatherhead garage & London country days (1970); Family picnic and Crich Tramway Museum (circa 1966); the P.R.V. company outing to Hever Castle (1974); London to Brighton Run for the Historical Commercial Vehicles Society including Reigate Hill, Gatwick (A23), Brighton Marina & plenty of old-timers (May 1964).

Note: With careful scrutiny I believe the following buses definitely appear in the film as 'just built' during September to October 1968: Atlantean WWB192G (Body No. B55744) for Sheffield, Atlantean MTF665G (Body No. B55974) a demonstrator for Leyland and Atlantean TWE104F (Body No. B55837) for Sheffield.  Also there is a glimpse of a bus destined for Stockholm; it may be the Leyland Panther (Body No. B55814) built September 1967, can anyone confirm?  So the question is "what buses can you spot?" Ed.

Park Royal Memories by Steve Churcher - (Click the video to play; else please click the title link left):

Here I'm pleased to present an excellent video of rare stills of bus production from the late-sixties to the mid-seventies at P.R.V. photographed & compiled by Steve Churcher (ex-PRV bus designer); another must for all die-hard bus transport enthusiasts. Ed.

Steve Churcher writes: Over the last few months I've been trawling through my photographs and have compiled a video of stills of my days at P.R.V. that I took over the years from when I first began working there in 1968. 

The black & white pictures are not perfect and some are not properly framed, but I was not that well versed in the art of photography when I was 16 years old!  However, they convey what was happening at the time.  It's not a complete picture of P.R.V. but it's of a time that many of us young bus designers were part of.  I've added captions to some of the pictures which may help, and I hope it stimulates some of the grey memory cells to remind us of the period when British coachbuilding was in its heyday.