AEC Regent V

Pictured here in Mount Pleasant Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent (as it was turning into Monson Road), is VKR39; one of eight lowbridge Park Royal bodied Regent V's that was delivered to Maidstone & District in 1956.   The image, supplied by the owner, Paul Baker, probably dates from the late 50's. (The photographer is unknown and I would gladly attribute the image if the original photographer can be determined; Ed.)

Paul Baker, who has recently repatriated this bus from Austria where it had been converted to a "Playbus", is now in the process of restoration.
Can anyone help?  Paul's question is in the construction of the raised section of the lower deck ceiling/upper deck floor, whether it was originally sheet steel, and if so what gauge? If anyone has any information that may assist, Paul would be very grateful.  Please make contact via the "Contact" page and I'll pass on any details. Ed.

Here are PDF files of the recovery of VKR39 from Austria and of the interior prior beginning restoration.

VKR39 Recovery & VKR39 interior

Registration Number HJV 560 (Body Nos. B40423-9), this AEC Regent V of 1957 vintage was destined for the fleet of Grimsby-Cleethorpes Transport, where it was the first of seven similar vehicles with 63-seat highbridge, rear-entrance bodies, that had Park Royal body shells but completed by Park Royal's Roe division (Information courtesy of Roger Hardy).

 Registration Number 159 JHX, another AEC Regent V with PRV bodywork (Body No. 39191), was a demonstrator dating from 1956 that ended up with King Alfred (Information courtesy of Martin Ingle).

Registration Number UNF 11 is the second of three 1957 PRV bodied (Body No. B40859) AEC Regent V's for Arthur Mayne & Sons, Manchester.

  Registration Number HRG 207 this AEC Regent V was one of a batch of five with bodies by Crossley and Gardner engines. It was very unusual for AEC to source from elsewhere but was done to match their Daimlers; this one was in operation in Aberdeen (Information courtesy of Martin Ingle).

b42279_318-1.jpg (67327 bytes)b42279_318-2.jpg (55233 bytes)b42279_318-3.jpg (56277 bytes)b42279_318-4.jpg (77780 bytes)b42279_318-5.jpg (86029 bytes)b42279_318-6.jpg (65991 bytes)b42279_318-7.jpg (62543 bytes)b42279_318-8.jpg (58521 bytes) Registration PFN843 Built September 1958 (Body Nos. B42279-318) for East Kent.

b46990-1.jpg (60983 bytes)b46990-2.jpg (47618 bytes)b46990-3.jpg (55870 bytes)b46990-4.jpg (66107 bytes)b46990-5.jpg (67584 bytes)b46990-6.jpg (74694 bytes) Registration 220CXK Built February 1962 (Body No. B46990) destined for British European Airways as a coach for transporting passengers between Heathrow airport and central London.

 Here 220 CXK undergoes a tilt test. 

I'm grateful to Gordon Macklay for advising me that 220 CXK was the only one of its type for BEA, having the lower deck capacity of the thirty-foot vehicle being reduced to 55 by the inclusion of a special luggage section at the rear of the lower deck.  Later, BEA used 27 foot 6 inch Routemasters fitted with luggage trailers that replaced both the one-and-a-half deck AEC Regal IV coaches and 220 CXK in 1966. (Ed.)

b46991_7120-1.jpg (71683 bytes)b46991_7120-2.jpg (60225 bytes)b46991_7120-3.jpg (83852 bytes)b46991_7120-4.jpg (61241 bytes) Registration 305AOW Built February 1962 (Body Nos. B46991-7120) for Southampton Corporation.

b48701_11-1.jpg (69468 bytes)b48701_11-2.jpg (60541 bytes)b48701_11-3.jpg (79732 bytes)b48701_11-4.jpg (76334 bytes) Registration 242AJB Built March 1962 (Body Nos. B48701-11) for Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell.

b45722_37-1.jpg (85975 bytes)b45722_37-2.jpg (81933 bytes)b45722_37-3.jpg (94089 bytes)b45722_37-4.jpg (82164 bytes) Registration WFN840 Built August 1961 (Body Nos. B45722-37) for East Kent.

b48723_39-1.jpg (86688 bytes)b48723_39-2.jpg (85480 bytes)b48723_39-3.jpg (105365 bytes)b48723_39-4.jpg (92598 bytes) Registration YJG818 Built May 1962 (Body Nos. B48723-39) for East Kent.

b48974_82-2.jpg (93221 bytes)b48974_82-3.jpg (88168 bytes)b48974_82-4.jpg (75643 bytes) Registration 367EWE Built March 1963 (Body Nos. B48974-82) for Sheffield Corporation.

b49016_38-1.jpg (76823 bytes)b49016_38-2.jpg (88762 bytes)b49016_38-3.jpg (108349 bytes)b49016_38-4.jpg (85599 bytes) Registration 6791FN Built April 1963 (Body Nos. B49016-38) for East Kent.
(In 2016 this vehicle was seen in The Netherlands in a sorry state; see here)

b50032_51-1.jpg (95932 bytes)b50032_51-2.jpg (90633 bytes)b50032_51-3.jpg (99489 bytes)b50032_51-4.jpg (87517 bytes) Registration AFN7748 Built February 1964 (Body Nos. B50032-51) for East Kent.

b49966_77-1.jpg (86502 bytes)b49966_77-2.jpg (77836 bytes)b49966_77-3.jpg (81186 bytes)b49966_77-4.jpg (83653 bytes)b49966_77-5.jpg (74727 bytes)b49966_77-6.jpg (77869 bytes) Registration 373HWE Built December 1963 (Body Nos. B49966-77) for Sheffield.

b50643_7-1.jpg (92723 bytes)b50643_7-2.jpg (92467 bytes)b50643_7-3.jpg (71533 bytes)b50643_7-4.jpg (71708 bytes) Registration 433HCY Built April 1964 (Body Nos. B50643-7) for South Wales.

b51593_8-1.jpg (104422 bytes)b51593_8-2.jpg (95456 bytes)b51593_8-3.jpg (84186 bytes)b51593_8-4.jpg (90621 bytes) Registration CTT509C Built May 1965 (Body Nos. B51593-8) for Devon General.

b54151_80-1.jpg (97532 bytes)b54151_80-2.jpg (86108 bytes)b54151_80-3.jpg (95048 bytes)b54151_80-4.jpg (78085 bytes) Registration GJG740D Built January 1966 (Body Nos. B54151-80) for East Kent.

b55509_23-1.jpg (117276 bytes)b55509_23-2.jpg (110592 bytes)b55509_23-3.jpg (75983 bytes)b55509_23-4.jpg (84749 bytes) Registration MFN945F Built October 1967 (Body Nos. B55509-23) for East Kent.

b41911_2160-1.jpg (57623 bytes)b41911_2160-2.jpg (66257 bytes)b41911_2160-3.jpg (67354 bytes)b41911_2160-4.jpg (74627 bytes)b41911_2160-5.jpg (85934 bytes)b41911_2160-6.jpg (77520 bytes)b41911_2160-7.jpg (63761 bytes) Built March 1958 (Body Nos. B41911-2160) for Tehran.

b53947_54146-1.jpg (107045 bytes)b53947_54146-2.jpg (107200 bytes)b53947_54146-3.jpg (73063 bytes)b53947_54146-4.jpg (73667 bytes)b53947_54146-5.jpg (65816 bytes)b53947_54146-6.jpg (73010 bytes) Built between April 1966 & December 1967 (Body Nos. B53947-54146) for Tehran. Click here for detailed photographs of one of these units during construction.

b42726_825-0.jpg (69398 bytes) Built November 1958 (Body Nos. B42726-825) for Tehran.