East Yorkshire Motor Services

This page is dedicated to PRV or Roe products initially destined for East Yorkshire Motor Services; thus it is a compilation of products found elsewhere on this website. 

Hall Lewis (Hall Lewis was the forunner of Park Royal Coachworks/Vehicles.)

This Hall Lewis C25R bodied Leyland TS2 (60634-7/9) was one of a batch of ten delivered March & April 1929 to East Yorkshire.  They were numbered 120-9, KH 7914-23, but 124/6/7 & 9 were not used and passed to Eastern Counties. They covered express service routes including Scarborough to London.  Information supplied by James Type compiled from Terry Stapley & James Fairchild (Transport Yorkshire Preservation Group). Further information from John Bennett.

Leyland Tiger Cub

Pictured outside the premises of Charles H Roe in Crossgates, Leeds this 1957 Leyland Tiger Cub (PSUC/1), Registration Number VKH 668, with attractive Roe B39F body.  This was first of 6 such buses delivered to East Yorkshire Motor Services Limited, of Hull. (Information courtesy of Roger Hardy and Mike Averill.)

AEC Bridgemaster 

b47027_30-1.jpg (289759 bytes)b47027_30-2.jpg (278162 bytes)b47027_30-3.jpg (209921 bytes)b47027_30-4.jpg (245002 bytes) Registration Number 9727AT built in May 1961 (Body Nos. B47027-30); for East Yorkshire.

b48754_5-1.jpg (284809 bytes)b48754_5-2.jpg (264745 bytes)b48754_5-3.jpg (232143 bytes)b48754_5-4.jpg (257126 bytes) Registration Number 3754RH built in Feb 1963 (Body Nos. B48983-95); for East Yorkshire.

AEC Renown

b49901_10-1.jpg (99587 bytes)b49901_10-2.jpg (87560 bytes)b49901_10-3.jpg (91633 bytes)b49901_10-4.jpg (82045 bytes) Registration Number 9766RH Built in June 1964 (Body Nos. B49901-10); for East Yorkshire.

b52303_16-1.jpg (99916 bytes)b52303_16-2.jpg (92670 bytes)b52303_16-3.jpg (88306 bytes)b52303_16-4.jpg (75068 bytes) Registration Number CKH786C Built in November 1964 (Body Nos. B52303-16); for East Yorkshire.

b53787_96-1.jpg (113667 bytes)b53787_96-2.jpg (100041 bytes)b53787_96-3.jpg (67690 bytes)b53787_96-4.jpg (98455 bytes) Registration Number GAT819D Built in March 1966 (Body Nos. B53787-96); for East Yorkshire.  
Seen best in this image, but also in Renown's & Bridgemasters above and the first Fleetline below, is the rather distinctive East Yorkshire moquette.  I have been asked about the supplier of this moquette, and given that there appears to be little mention of it elsewhere on the Internet I shall redress that here.  John Darwent kindly researched this, and I can confirm that Holdsworth was almost certainly the supplier.  Now part of the Camira Group, Holdsworth, that began in 1822, has, almost since its inception, been a major force in furnishing public transport.

Daimler Fleetline

b55407_18-1.jpg (91929 bytes)b55407_18-2.jpg (89938 bytes)b55407_18-3.jpg (70531 bytes)b55407_18-4.jpg (78349 bytes) Registration Number MAT833F Built December 1967 (Body Nos. B55407-18); for East Yorkshire.

b56715_21-1.jpg (110976 bytes)b56715_21-2.jpg (111564 bytes)b56715_21-3.jpg (74955 bytes)b56715_21-4.jpg (80652 bytes) Registration Number RAT866G Built April 1969 (Body Nos. B56715-21); for East Yorkshire.

Vehicle Interiors

  John Kaye comments that these are Roe photographs (R881 in the lower right corner of the first) and that they bear a strong resemblance to the interior of VKH 674 and could possibly be the interior of one of the batch of Leylands for East Yorkshire (VKH 668-673). Can you add to this?


The Beverley Bar

No I'm not advertising a drinking establishment; I came across this intriguing photo in Don Matthews collection.  It is of a Leyland Titan TD5 with an ECW body, modified to fit through an archway in Beverley, Yorkshire, known locally as the Beverley Bar.
Read about it here:




Someone has evidently enhanced the shape of the roof by sketching around the image, hardly noticeable in the small original print but made obvious by the scanner.  No doubt supplied to PRV to show the requirements for busses to be used on this route.
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