Leyland Tiger Cub

Pictured outside the premises of Charles H Roe in Crossgates, Leeds this 1957 Leyland Tiger Cub (PSUC/1), Registration Number VKH 668, with attractive Roe B39F body.  This was first of 6 such buses delivered to East Yorkshire Motor Services Limited, of Hull. (Information courtesy of Roger Hardy and Mike Averill.)

  FUH 370D is a Leyland Tiger Cub chassis with Park Royal constructed BET Federation specification bodywork.  Shown here at the Bristol Rally in 1995, its first event in preservation, this 1966 vehicle is Western Welsh 1370 and one of 42 BET Federation bodies on Leyland Tiger Cubs purchased by the Omnibus Company during 65/66.  All were based on the same body shell, and had the same machinery; the build quality was a major contributing factor to its survival. 

The first 15 were intended for increased cross country work, probably arising from Beeching rail closures. 1334-1348 (DBO 334-348C) Mounted on PSUC1/12 chassis, fitted with luggage boots, high backed seats, and finished in an attractive livery of peacock blue and ivory.  The remainder were service buses.  1349-1374 (DBO 349-360C & FUH 361-374C/D) mounted on PSUC1/11 chassis, and carried plain red bus livery (New Year December '65 through January '66 resulted in mixed suffix letters).  These Western Welsh Tiger Cubs may be unique, as earlier bodies for high floor chassis were of a different style. The closest relatives are bodies fitted to low floor Leyland Panthers rather than the AEC Swift body that was very different. (Information kindly supplied by Paul Burgess.  Photo courtesy ©Richard Field.)

More Tiger Cub vehicles:

b42676_99-1.jpg (60553 bytes)b42676_99-2.jpg (55092 bytes)b42676_99-3.jpg (64588 bytes) Registration Number SBO240 Built July 1959 (PRV Body Nos. 42676-99); for Western Welsh.

b45175_9-2.jpg (48228 bytes)b45175_9-3.jpg (80268 bytes)b45175_9-4.jpg (80164 bytes) Registration Number 9746NA Built April 1961 (PRV Body Nos. 45175-9); for Manchester Corporation.

b48713_22-2.jpg (100793 bytes)b48713_22-3.jpg (79273 bytes)b48713_22-4.jpg (84237 bytes) Registration Number 3657NE Built November 1962 (PRV Body Nos. 48713-22); for Manchester Corporation.

b51697_711-2.jpg (117599 bytes)b51697_711-3.jpg (70258 bytes)b51697_711-4.jpg (82085 bytes) Registration Number DBO335C Built May 1965 (PRV Body Nos. 51697-711); for Western Welsh.

b51712_23-1.jpg (108274 bytes)b51712_23-2.jpg (105706 bytes)b51712_23-3.jpg (66093 bytes)b51712_23-4.jpg (60575 bytes) Registration Number DBO353C Built August 1965 (PRV Body Nos. 51712-23); for Western Welsh.

b51728_41-1.jpg (113570 bytes)b51728_41-2.jpg (123050 bytes)b51728_41-3.jpg (79688 bytes)b51728_41-4.jpg (71293 bytes) Registration Number FUH364D December 1965 (PRV Body Nos. 51728-41); for Western Welsh.