Hall Lewis

Hall Lewis was the forerunner of Park Royal Coachworks and thus PRV (see the History section).  Have you any images of Hall Lewis vehicles?

This rare image is of a 1929 Eastbourne Corporation Dennis "G" with bodywork by Hall Lewis. Three of these 14 seaters were made (Fleet no's. 7-9 but renumbered in 1937 to 97-9 - Number Plates JK 537-9).  They ran along the sea front routes in wintertime and were  withdrawn in 1939.  Hellingly Sports Club took no. 97 the others being used as wartime A.R.P. Ambulances. This excellent photograph and information was kindly supplied by James Type.

(Air Raid Protection (ARP) was a volunteer wartime service to protect the public during air raids.)

This Hall Lewis rebodied lowbridge Leyland TD1 (DV 225/2149/2304/2356) dates circa 1929 destined for Devon General that had four such vehicles around the time.

At the time of their delivery Devon General had bright red/cream/black livery which was superseded in the mid-1930’s by a darker red/ivory livery.  The TD1 was regarded as revolutionary in its day in being the first double deck type with a full drop frame chassis which enabled a lower floor level and lower overall height.  It was very robust and reliable and many were later rebodied and fitted with diesel engines seeing service well into the 1950's. Information supplied by James Type compiled from Colin Billington & Phil Platt.

This Hall Lewis C25R bodied Leyland TS2 (60634-7/9) was one of a batch of ten delivered March & April 1929 to East Yorkshire.  They were numbered 120-9, KH 7914-23, but 124/6/7 & 9 were not used and passed to Eastern Counties. They covered express service routes including Scarborough to London. Information supplied by James Type compiled from Terry Stapley & James Fairchild (Transport Yorkshire Preservation Group). Further information from John Bennett.

These are 1927 Hall Lewis bodied Karrier's destined for Salford Corporation.  The smaller are the two Karrier CL6/1’s 38001/2 (Nos. 20 & 21 - Salford only had two), which had B20F (20-seater front entrance) bodies.  The larger vehicle is probably No. 22 or 23 of their fleet of fourteen Karrier WL6/1 42009/10 which had B32D (32-seat dual entrance) bodies. Further information from John Bennett.

This is either No. 20 or 21 (as above) of the 1927 Hall Lewis bodied Karrier CL6/1 destined for Salford Corporation. Information supplied by James Type compiled from Peter Gould.

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This single decker seemingly has bodywork by Park Royal Coachworks and dates circa 1930.  However, more information has come to light.  This bus is thought to be VC 6112, a Maudslay ML7A (chassis number 4799) recorded with B32 body by Hall Lewis but was probably under construction at the time Park Royal was formed in April 1930, hence the writing "Body Built by Park Royal Coachworks" on the window.  New to Maudslay in May 1930 as a demonstrator it then transferred to Bircher, Ibstock, Leicestershire in February 1932.

Here is VC 6112 as owned and operated by the Swallow Coach Company in the mid 1930's.  David Williams has kindly written in to explain that his great uncle Reginald Albert Carding (1905-1972), owned the company and this coach was used on its services in Bedfordshire, chiefly from Bedford to Harrold. It was probably purchased from Bircher (mentioned above) but was sold in 1938 to Birch Bros. Ltd., along with the goodwill of the 'Swallow' business, several other vehicles and the benefit of all the licenses to operate stage and excursion services.  David has the completed contract in his files and this vehicle is listed in the schedule. 

The ML7 chassis could take a saloon, coach or double-decker.  It had a large and no doubt powerful and thirsty engine.

These pictures are of VK 1233/4/86/7 Guy FC chassis with Hall Lewis H28/24R body of 1930.  Further information from John Bennett. 

It looks like MacBrayne's Newcastle Upon Tyne livery? What do you think?

This 1928 Manchester Dennis H is demonstrator PK 3347 Ds H 90015 with Hall Lewis H28/20R bodywork was later transferred to Cardiff Corporation.  Further information from John Bennett. 
An enhanced (retouched) photograph of an original image no doubt used as an advertisement. Ed.)