P.R.V. - Employees 

This website is entirely dedicated to Social History; and here I list erstwhile P.R.V. employees as they become known to me.  Strictly, only names & business-location/occupation (if known) is given and, for living persons, no personal identifiable detail is stated unless such detail has either been obtained from information in the public domain or permission has otherwise been granted with the express intent that the information is published on this website.  No other detail beyond that shown on this website is kept.
(If anyone can add/confirm names, occupation and any other publishable detail I shall be pleased to know.  And if anyone wishes to dispute an entry please contact me and I shall remove the entry forthwith. Ed.) 


The "PRVdesign Group" is a group of ex-PRV Drawing Office staff who have a website dedicated to sharing personal memories, photographs & memorabilia. Please click the link for more information and to see their latest video.

John ?

Factory - A colleague & friend of John William Rose (see below). Surname unknown. [Tony Rose]
(Does anyone know John's [friend of Jack Rose] surname? Ed.)

Kathy ? Print Room
Minnie ? Office Cleaner
Syd ?

Factory - A colleague & friend of John William Rose (see below). Surname unknown. [Tony Rose]
(Does anyone know Syd's [friend of Jack Rose] surname? Ed.)

Mrs. Alissi Accounts Clerk
Steven Allam

Drawing Office - Steven was an Apprentice Draughtsman at PRV from 1974-1979.  He says he was taken under the wing of Alf Hill and learnt everything he knows today!

Stan Anniss Drawing Office (MOD) - Trainee Draughtsman 1958-1960.
W. C. Ansley A "finisher" in the factory from the mid 50's to at least the early 70's.
George Anthony
Tony Antoine Factory - Floor Gang. Later joined Mulliner Park Ward.
? Archard
Charlie  Babbs Drawing Office (MOD)
? Bagge
Jack Bailey Composite Shop - Charge Hand
? Barnard (aka Barney) Drawing Office - LTE Compiler 
Andrew Barnes

Finishing Shop:

Ken Barnes

Drawing Office - Ken Barnes was born in 1946 and worked in the PRV Drawing Office as a Design Draughtsman from 1970 to 1975 and as Project Engineer from 1975 to 1977. He moved to C. H. Roe (Leeds) in 1977 as Chief Designer then was appointed Engineering Manager at Eastern Coach Works (Lowestoft) from 1982 to 1985. He joined British Rail Engineering Ltd./ABB Rail Vehicles Ltd. (Derby) as Senior Project Engineer (Mechanical) from 1986 to 1995 and became Senior Project Engineer (Mechanical) at Alstom Transport Ltd. (Birmingham) until early retirement in 2006.

Thomas Barnes

Thomas Andrew Barnes (aka Andy) - Was a PRV Apprentice from '62 to '67 but after he finished his apprenticeship he left PRV to work at Bonallacks, a body building firm specialising in outside broadcast TV units.  This involved building the vehicles from start to finish (with just a mate) so he learnt quite a bit more about vehicle building after he completed his apprenticeship. Two years later he returned to PRV, as the money was so much better, and worked in the bodyshop until leaving to work for London Transport and then Stagecoach until January 2011 when he called it a day after looking after Titans 1 & 2 from 1978 to 2004 when they were sold to Blue Triangle.  During his time with LT and Stagecoach Thomas bumped into many colleagues that also worked at PRV.
Thomas Barnes Apprenticeship Certificate
(see Anecdotes)

? Barton
Miss Batchelor
? Bedell
Miss Beere
Victor A Bell Aircraft Factory
Charles Bentley
Barry Benton Drawing Office (MOD)
H Berens  
Miss Berryman
George Betteridge Cost Clerk
Ms Betts Secretary or Telephonist 
Freddy Biggs
Don Black Works Charge Hand (father of Jim below).
Jim Black

Drawing Office (son of Don above) - Circa 1963. Jim left around 1966 to join Duple at Hendon and later he joined Commer then Karrier at Dunstable

W.R. (Bill) Black

Sir William R. Black J.P. (later Lord Black) Chairman - Joined Park Royal Coachworks in 1934 as Director & General Manager until 1939 when he became Managing Director, a post he retained until 1957 when he became Managing Director of the parent ACV Group. In addition to becoming Chairman of AEC, he also retained Chairmanship of PRV. 

John Bland

Drawing Office - John Bland was born about 1944 and worked in the PRV Drawing Office as a Design Draughtsman in the late 1960ís. Well known for his fast riding motorbike escapades and office pranks, he moved on in the early 1970ís to become Stylist/Designer at Mulliner Park Ward (Willesden). Believed to have later worked at Rolls Royce Head Office as a Stylist developing new Rolls Royce car designs.

? Blenkinship
John Bloor

Probably born around 1935 and, formerly at MCW, worked at PRV (as Chief Body Engineer?) in early 1970ís. Appointed Plant Director at Eastern Coach Works (Lowestoft) during the 1980ís but after Leyland management restructuring moved on to Northern Counties Motor (Wigan) to develop new Bus project/designs in Engineering Office.


Nickname - (real name unknown) a metal polisher. 

A Bonfield
Eddy Bonney Charge Hand in the trim department.
Ernie Bowles

Born in 1947, Ernie started as an apprentice in the body shop working on the RM in 1963. He then moved to the setting-out department under Les Foster. Eventually he worked alongside Fred Porter on all five proto-types of the B15. When the B15 went into production he became body shop foreman until PRV closed in 1980.

Miss Boyd
Ernie Boxall Composite Shop 
Viv Bradbury Drawing Office
Bill Breach Factory: Worker 
Faith Bridgewater
Jaspal S. Brar Began as an apprentice in 1974 and worked with PRV until it closed in 1980
Dave Brimson Panel Shop
? Brock
A C Brooking
? Buckland
Dennis Busby

(aka Buzz) Drawing Office (MOD) - A well respected amateur photographer in his spare time; in the early '60's I knew him as a prominent member of the Ealing Photographic Society.  Mainly concentrating on architectural photography, he became an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and was later awarded their highest accolade, a Fellowship (FRPS). He mentored me through my own photographic exploits and sadly I'm advised that he passed away during the early '90s. [Ed]. 

William J. Burnell 

William James Burnell (Bill Burnell) - was born in 1910 and apprenticed at Park Royal from 1924.  He either stayed on or returned later as I have a booklet of his relating to the Park Royal Workmen's Mutual Aid Fund of which he was apparently Chairman in or around 1937. He also built vehicles for Watney, Combe Reid in Mortlake (but I don't know the dates).  He finished his career at Lambourn Engineering Ltd. (at Lambourn Berkshire), designing large motor horseboxes, luton vans, dropsiders, blood transfusion vehicles and mobile libraries.
[John Burnell]

Lorraine  Butfoy 
Ray  Burrows Body Shop:  
Daryl  Burton Electrician:  
Bert Butler

Drawing Office - Bert used to sell newspapers at an underground station before going to work.
(see Anecdotes)

Jack Byfield

Factory? - Jack Allen Byfield (b-28/11/1902 Croyden, d-Q2 1977 Eastbourne).  Jack Byfield apparently worked at the factory sometime during the early 30's.  A student of the RCM in the 20's, he was an evidently talented pianist and was persuaded by colleagues to "go professional".  By 1934, he was making recordings as part of a trio with Albert Sandler (violin) and cellists Joachim Samehtini (1889-1942) & Reginald Kilbey. Sandler formed the Palm Court Orchestra in 1943 but after his untimely death in 1948, Jack, along with Kilbey, began a long association with the violinist Max Jaffa. Jack was also a talented arranger & conductor and became a household name with his own orchestra.
(see Anecdotes)

? Cann
Dermot John (Mick) Carolan

Mick Carolan: Commercial Manager; worked at PRV from 1948 to 1980. Beginning, with his father, on the shop floor aged 22, Mick, reluctantly for better pay, moved to a clerical role and was involved with the sale of buses to Baghdad and with MOD work. Mick was also involved with the unenviable task clearing out the offices during PRV's final days.
[Angela Williams; daughter who has written a nice bio..]
(see Anecdotes)

James Patrick Carolan

Mick Carolan's father: Factory; was already working at PRV when his son Mick joined in 1948.
[Angela Williams; granddaughter]
(see Anecdotes)

Bill Chapman

Roofing Shop: Foreman & Shop Steward.

Steve Churcher

Drawing Office - Born in 1952, he started as apprentice at PRV in 1968 (after employment at Duples, Hendon was cancelled due to closure). After his apprenticeship in workshops & Inspection team, he joined the PRV Drawing Office in 1972. He moved on to London Transport (Chiswick) in 1975 as a Design Draughtsman in the R&D Design Office. After LT Chiswick closed in 1988 he started at Wandle District (Mitcham) in their Tech Team until being made redundant in 1995. He joined London Coaches and became Manager of Kent Coachwork's (accident repairs, conversions & repaints) until the company collapsed in 2003. He is now employed at Stagecoach in S.E. London.

Nobby Clark

Composite Shop - Apparently he won the "Pools" about 1954 and with some of the winnings he bought a new cream Ford Consul (full rate then was about £9 pounds a Week).

Jock Clarkson

Composite Shop - One of a band of "Old Retainers", great men who went to work in pin stripes, wore white pinafores, and highly polished shoes. His son, also Jock, worked at Aldenham.
(Does anyone know about this team? Ed.)

John Clayton

Maintenance Dept. - John Clayton (Albert) worked in the PRV Maintenance Dept. during  the 50s/60s. 
[Roy Clayton (brother)]

George Clutterbuck Factory: Worker 
Miss Cliffe
Sid Collett Drawing Office (MOD) - 
Jean Colwell


Fred Conway
Bill Cook (aka Ted) Composite Shop - A great Lancastrian
Fred Cootes
Ray Craker Joined as an apprentice in 1959. 
? Creber
Charlie. Cummings Setting Out department - 
L. Da Silva Girl Friday
F Danks
Bill  Davis

William J. (Bill) Davis was appointed Works Manager at Park Royal in 1945 having previously been in charge of the London Aircraft Production factory.  He lived in Hanger Lane where he kept a sharp piece of shrapnel in his garage as a souvenir of the time the family was 'bombed out' during WW2.  He retired around 1952/3 and since then was always telephoned on Christmas Day by several of his old colleagues including Victor Bell, Ted Needs and Sir (later Lord) Bill Black. [Nigel Davis]

Goolie Damani

Cost clerk department.

Ann Daniell

Drawing Office - Ann Daniell (1922-2003) was my father, Alf Hill's, sister-in-law who worked in the PRC Drawing Office during WW2; primarily tracing drawings.

Alfred Darvill

Alfred Henry Darvill was a jobbing carpenter at Park Royal  from at least 1943 until he died from lung cancer in 1971 aged 61.

Arthur Day Setting Out department - 
Daphne Delaney
Robert Dewey

unknown department - nephew of (Albert) John Clayton

Miss Dives
? Dobsworth Works Manager - During the mid 60's
? Donald
Graham Downey Drawing Office - from 1975 until closure in 1980.
John F Doyle

Motor Vehicle Body Builder - From 1967 through '74 after which he emigrated to New Zealand in January 1975.
[see John Doyle's Apprenticeship Certificate]
[see Anecdotes & Football Teams]

? Dulson
Dennis Dungate Buyer 
Frank Dungate Quality Manager 
Fred Dungate Quality Department 
Bert Durham Experimental Shop, and later, the Drawing Office
Dave Edwards Body Shop:  
Davy Edwards Processing:   
Edward Egan

Apprentice Coach Builder: 1967-1971 - During his apprenticeship Edward worked in all the departments and, as a coach builder, specifically on the RM & DMS.  After PRV Edward went to London Transport working on RM's at Willesden Garage and Stonebridge Park; he also worked on RT's in the early 1970s.
He remained a coach builder for the whole of his career and has many good memories of PRV especially being captain & goalkeeper of PRV's Sunday League football team.  

? Elkington
Harry F Endersby Personnel Manager - for the PRC Aircraft Factory & later for PRV.
Miss Evans
? Evans
Michael Fadipe Shop Clerk
Richard Farrow

Worked in PRV Drawing Office in late 1960ís/early 1970ís until emigration to Norway around 1972. Originally from West Country (Devon or Cornwall), was tall, had a dry sense of humour and very interested in UFOís (coordinator & magazine editor).

? Fenton
Jack Field Plant Director: Jack was a member of the Bomb Disposal Squad attached to the Home Guard during WW2.  He died in 1995.
Miss Fife
? Figgins
A Cliff Folland Wages: Wages clerk in the mid 50s. Also ran the PRV Fishing Club.
Miss Forsdick
Edward Fossey

Edward (Ted) Fossey worked in the stores department from about 1978 to closure in 1980.

John Foster

Worked at Park Royal with his father in the 'Setting Out' department and finished as a Tooling Engineer shortly before PRV closed in 1980.  Joined Charles H. Roe in Leeds as Factory Manager until its closure in 1984 when he joined Optare in the same role.
(John has donated hundreds of photographs and other fascinating items to be placed on this website, for which I am very grateful. Ed.)

Les Foster

Setting Out department - 

? Francis Supervisor in the Finishing Shop
Margaret Franck Awaiting further details.
Arthur Franklin Finisher.
Arthur French Finishing Shop
Norman Fryer-Saxby

Drawing Office - Norman worked in the PRV Drawing Office until 1971 then moved on to London Transport (Chiswick) as a Design Draughtsman in the R&D Design Office. Promoted a few times then finally became a Senior Executive in 1984 until being made redundant in 1988. He started as Engineering Manager at a luxury motor caravan company (Reading) but was made redundant again after four months. He was then appointed General Manager of Horseman Coaches Ltd. (Reading) from 1989 until 1997, but moved on to become Commercial Manager of Reading Transport Ltd. until retirement in 2012. He is still employed part-time for Reading Transport Ltd. as Company Secretary & Trustee of Pension Scheme. He is also a Justice of the Peace and Magistrate in the Berkshire courts.

Cyril Fuller

Foreman Aircraft Factory - Cyril Fuller was apprenticed at the GWR in Norfolk, where he learned woodworking.  He then went on to Shorts of Belfast working on timber framed aircraft and apparently spent time in Poland before the war.  A long time friend of his was RAF Wing Commander, Stanley Timmis.  He was also associated with Harry Endersby, Sir William Black and a 'Curly Guyert'. [Adrian Fuller].

Dave Gardner Sheet Metal
Archie Garret?

A colleague of John William Rose (see below) was an inside trimmer. Surname thought to be Garret [Tony Rose]
(Can anyone confirm Archie's surname? Ed.)

Miss Gentle
? Goodacre
George  Gosling Drawing Office (MOD)
? Granstone
William Henry Gray William Henry Gray worked for Park Royal for many years both before & during WW2 and possibly for some time after WW2.  It's possible that he became one of the plant managers.
(Does anyone know of William? Ed.)
? Granstone
George Greaves Cost Clerk
A R (Bob) Gregg Sales Director also one time Plant Director
Denis Griffin Joined PRV in 1966 as an apprentice in sheet metal work.
(see Anecdotes)
Dave Griggs Accounts. lived in Wembley and was a season ticket holder at QPR.
Miss Gunner
? Hammond
Basil Hancock
Malcolm Harrison

Malcolm says: "I did my apprenticeship at PRV from November 1965 to December 1969 working on the Routemaster, Bristol Cars & Army Trucks etc..  Upon completion my main job was working on the RM's staircase and platform areas.  After the RMs I worked on the rear-engined buses for Birmingham City Transport, in the cab area, then on the B15 (Titan) for LT where I fitted the folding doors until I left in 1979.  
(see Anecdotes)

? Harvey
Tommy Harwood
Edward Hatton Ted Hatton - Bodyshop Foreman
Ken Hatton

Composite Shop - Ken was a N.U.V.B. (National Union of Vehicle Builders) Shop Steward in 1952 and later a charge hand.

Percy  Hayward

Drawing Office - Percy Hayward was at PRV before 1947 and left to start the HBH company with Freddy Biggs and Alf Hill.. When the HBH company closed Percy joined Duple and rejoined Drawing Office at PRV after Duple closed.

S. G. Hearne Factory? - also N.U.V.B. (National Union of Vehicle Builders) representative.
Alf Hellings Panel Shop 
? Hewlett
Edwin Higgs Paint Shop: Edwin worked in the paint shop from from 1974 until closure in 1980.
Alf Hill

Drawing Office - [often called "Teapot" for his love of very strong tea - I could never drink it. Ed.]
see: Alfred Charles Hill (1915-1992)

? Hills
George Hines
? Hockey
Charlie Holdaway
? Hornagold
Frank Horan Cost Clerk
Roger Hosey
Geoffrey Humblestone

Born in 1909 Geoff was the Wages Clerk & Works Cashier [Paymaster] in the late 40s early 50s.  His later years were spent travelling around the country as the timber buyer. He spent almost all his working life at PRV.  On one occasion in 1948, his son Brian recalls his father showing him the weekly pay-cheque  -   £24,000 for about 2000 employees.  He was accompanied by an armed guard when he went to cash it.

Les Humphries

Composite Shop

George Instrell

Spare Man (Factory) - George Alfred Instrell was born at Pontypridd South Wales in 1908. He left school aged 15 to work in the Lady Windsor Coal mine Ynysybwl Pontypridd until 1931 when he left for London. He joined Park Royal Coachworks in the early 30's and got married in 1939 living then at Beresford Avenue Wembley a short walk from Park Royal. He recalled Park Royal building Tanks & Fire Engines during WW2 when he was also a member of the Home Guard. He was at PRV until his death in 1962.  The term "Spare Man" meant that he was a multi-talented worker who could perform many different jobs within the works. [Mary Manley]

Geoff Irving

Drawing Office (MOD)

Stephen Jolly Drawing Office: Junior draughtsman from March '77 to July '78.
(see Anecdotes)
Eric Jones

Drawing Office - Born in 1943 he started as an apprentice at PRV in 1960 going through the Works to end up in the Setting Out Shop with Les Foster, Charlie Cummings & Arthur Day. Worked in the PRV Drawing Office from 1964 to 1974. Then moved on to work in various Design Offices in the Aircraft Industry manufacturing aircraft galleys (incl. Concorde & Airbus A321) at Henshalls (Byfleet), British Aerospace (Farnborough & Kingston), Rumbolds (Camberley) and finally Lontec (Blackwater) until retirement in 2008.

? James
Peter Kelly Wages Office:  Ex the Republic of Ireland, his friend was Frank Monaghan; from Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
Tony Kelly Composite Shop
Sony Kendle Forman in the paint shop. Married to George Offord's sister.
Adouwa Kessie Shop Clerk
Wesley Keys Plant Director: went on to coachbuilder Walter Alexander.
Sid Lawrence
Alf Legatt
? Lewis
Mike Liefboro Electrician: Emigrated to South Africa circa 1975/76
(Brother) Liefboro Electrician: Emigrated to South Africa circa 1975/76
J Lindsell
? Littlejohn
Danny Long Cost Clerk. From Cork.
W Lovidge Wages: Chief Clerk
Mich Lyden
George McDonald or

Drawing Office - Started work in the PRV Drawing Office in the early 1970ís as a Stylist/Designer for the Royalist coach project.

Miss McGrath
Miss McKay Seatmaker (from Bbelfast).
Ian McLellan-Smith

Drawing Office - Born in 1947, Ian joined the PRV Drawing Office in 1963. He left in January '70 to join Modernair Processes Ltd that designed spray booths and stoving ovens. In June 1970, he joined Glover, Webb & Liversidge, designing Security & Refuse Collection Vehicles; rejoining PRV in January '72 until June '74 when he moved to Torquay and worked for Booker Motor Bodies at Newton Abbot.  Then in February 1975 he joined Marshall of Cambridge in the Motor Bodies D.O. leaving in January '78 to join Pye Telecom Ltd in Radio Communications as a contract design draughtsman in their Systems D.O. The company was acquired by Philips in 1986 and was then sold to Simoco International in 1997. Ian became part of the Confined Space Engineering & Systems Installation Group as their only mechanical design draughtsman.  He then moved into Simoco Digital Systems group for Tetra Radio installation from Dec 2001 until its failure in March 2002; from which a new company, Simoco Digital UK, was formed in the July and Ian worked there until June 2009 when that company became insolvent and Ian retired.

Miss Maddison
John Malamatenios

John was just 15 years old when he started work at PRV soon after New Year's day in 1952. He was taken to the Composite Shop (where timber bodies & buses were made) by Bill Cook, a great Lancastrian?, well-respected, who smoked cigarettes, coughed a lot and called everybody 'Matey'. Jack Bailey, a big man, was the chargehand.  John then went to work in the RT shop, making the intermediate floors and working on the Green Goddesses, and the timber cabs for the London Brick Company. After moving back to the Composite Shop, John left aged 19 (just when the first Routemasters were being built in the RT shop) and started his own business that became the largest family run business in Hemel Hempstead.

Richard Mann

Drawing Office (MOD) - Richard began at PRV in about 1968, shortly after a 10 year tenure at British Thompson Houston in Willesden.   He left PRV in early 1974 to join coachbuilders H.J. Mulliner Park Ward at High Road Willesden.  That plant was closed in 1980 and operations transferred to Hythe Road, Willesden, which also eventually closed in 1991.  He was there until 1993; the 1992/3 year being spent at Crewe where the finishing work was completed (see also [Park Ward] and [H.J. Mulliner & Co.]).  
(see Anecdotes)

Mrs Marshall
Donald Matthews

Drawing Office (MOD) - Don started at PRV on 16 February 1953 as a driller. In 1955 he joined the drawing office as a trainee draughtsman working on Ministry of Defence (MOD) projects.  He became a senior draughtsman and stayed in that job until 1975 when the section was closed.  He then became Technical Sales Assistant to the Commercial Director.  Don stayed at PRV until the bitter end, finally leaving on 13 March 1980 to go to a new job as Assistant to the Managing Director of Vanguard Engineering where he stayed until he retired in 1995.
[Marion Gowler] (see Anecdotes)

Miss Mayher
John Merchant
? Middleton
Dusty Miller
Frank Monaghan Wages Office:  from Belfast, Northern Ireland, his friend was Peter Kelly; ex. the Republic of Ireland.  
[Frank's email address is: fjmonaghan@yahoo.com should anyone wish to contact him]
Patricia Monk
Mike Morgan

Drawing Office (MOD) - Mike worked in the PRV Drawing Office in the early 1970ís then moved on to London Transport (Chiswick) in the R&D Design Office.

Glen Mountney

Drawing Office - Born in 1949, Glen began his apprenticeship at PRV from 1965 to 1970 as a Trainee Draughtsman. He continued working in the PRV Drawing Office until 1972 then moved on to London Transport (Chiswick) in the R&D Design Office.  Glen emigrated to The Netherlands in 1973 with his Dutch wife and children to work in the Design Office of a large Dutch Coachbuilder. In 1974 he switched profession to work for Engineering Contractors in the Petro-Chemical industry as a Design Draughtsman at various companies (incl. I.C.I. Holland, Shell Chemical, Esso & Heineken). In 1986, after a five  year contractor period at Heineken Breweries as Piping Designer, he made a permanent move to Heineken's Engineering Department. Glen spent nineteen years at Heineken firstly as Plant Designer, then Mechanical Engineer and finally Process Engineer, until being made redundant in 2005. He was in the Heineken redundancy & pre-retirement scheme until early retirement in 2012.
(see Anecdotes)

? Morrell
Ned Neary Factory: Worker 
Ted Needs Arthur Charles Needs - Sales Manager
Moss Nelson Drawing Office - Joined PRV after Weymans closed.
Brian Offord (Son of George) - Began as an apprentice in the trim dept in 1959.
Eric Walker was the Forman and Eddy Bonney was the Charge Hand.
George Offord George Offord - worked in the body building shop I remember him being a charge hand on the cab line. [Brian Offord]
Len Oram [Len] Oram - Rriveter from the late 40s.
Walter Oram [Wally] Oram - Riveter from the late 40s.
? Orriss
? Palmer
Derek Payne Composite Shop


Peach Glazier
Bill Pearson Drawing Office -
(see Anecdotes)


Pearson Buyer

James E


Head of Inspection - Aircraft Factory: Before the start of WW2 James was working at the British Electrical Company as a Quality Inspector evaluating the bus bodies supplied by various coach builders to BET bus companies. At the commencement of WW2 James was put in charge of the Inspection Staff at the Aircraft Factory at Park Royal that built the outer wings & engine cowlings for the Halifax Bomber. At completion of hostilities James relocated to Leeds to join Charles H Roe in 1946. [Martyn Pearson]

Johnny Pidgeon 

Buyer - 'Johnny' Pidgeon joined the company circa 1930 and was the buyer at PRV. He retired in 1961. [Morwenna Dorma]

? Piercy
Fred Porter

Worked on the B15.
[Roy Clayton (brother of Albert John) writes: Fred Porter lived next door to my wife in South Harrow. He retired to Sussex and died at 'a good old age' in the last couple of years! (thus circa 2013/14 Ed.).]

Michael Potter

Michael began as an apprentice on the shop floor at PRV around August 1964 but only stayed about four months when he left to change his career for the construction industry.
(see Anecdotes)

Mervyn Powell

AKA Bill Powell - from Wales, he was by trade a coachbody builder.  He worked on coaches (and also tanks during the war). He retired in the 1980s. [Phyllis Powell] 

Leo Propat Cost clerk department
Johnny Qail
? Rance



Drawing Office (MOD) - Cecil Frederick George (aka Cyril) Rawlings - worked as a draughtsman from about 1954 through to about 1967, which was some two years after the family moved from the Abbey estate to Twyford, near Reading. After PRV he joined Metalair to design bulk dry-storage 'silo' systems. Born in 1922 he died suddenly at the family home in Twyford in 1988 aged 65. [Steve & Peter Rawlings
Offer of employment with PRV
Reference from Sid Collett
  (Cyril decided to stay at PRV) 

Jack Raynsford Buyer -  
Douglas Redfern

Drawing Office - Born about 1952 he began as an apprentice at PRV in the late 1960ís working in the PRV Drawing Office in the early 1970ís. Moved on to London Transport (Chiswick) in the R&D Design Office.

Bill  Rees Drawing Office - 
(see Anecdotes)
George  Reeves
? Rentall
John Richards

Drawing Office - Born in 1952 he began as an apprentice at PRV in the late 1960ís and worked in the PRV Drawing Office up to 1980. He moved on to the Ford Motor Company (Dunton) for 32Ĺ years until early retirement in 2012.

William Richards (Bill) Richards: Chief Shop Clerk
Miss Richardson
Russell Richardson Facilities during the 1970's; went on to found Optare. 
Cyril  Risbridger

Drawing Office (MOD) - Cyril Risbridger MBE  was born at Willesden on February 14th 1920 and died at Ruislip in 2001 aged 81.  During WW2 (from 1940-46) he served in the RAF, after which he worked at PRV within Sid Collett's team until its closure in July 1980. He was made an MBE around 1975 for services to the Country, a result of his designing vehicles for the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine).  He married in 1947. In his spare time he was an avid amateur photographer winning several awards. [Anne James]

Charlie Roberts Drawing Office - Sadly died early 1969
? Rogers
John William (aka Jack) Rose

Factory - John William Rose (aka Jack) was a panel beater and began at Park Royal before WW2. After an heart attack in 1976 he was given light duties in the wages office until PRV's closure in 1980 when he retired due to ill health. Sadly he passed away in 2004. Notably, he worked on the GWR Railcars, the Bristol Cars and the Routemaster. Before his heart trouble he would ride to work on a grey NSU Quickly and upon his transfer to the wages office he travelled in a white Mark 3 Cortina. [Tony Rose]
(see Anecdotes)

? Ross
Louis Saba Body Shop - Louis worked in the Body Shop as a Bodybuilder in 1975.  He went on to work for Bombardier; including Railcars. 
N. (Sam) Samine Wages: Bonus Clerk
Richard Savin

Drawing Office - Born about 1950 Richard worked in the PRV Drawing Office in the late 1960ís/early 1970ís.  He started his own successful double-glazing and home extensions company.

William   Scaplehorn

William (Bill) Scaplehorn was a chargehand in the body shop. He was at PRV from about 1960 to closure in 1980.

Bert   Scott

Line Leader in the body shop?

Harold   Sear

Paint Shop - Harold G. V. Sear was born January 1899 and raised at New Bradwell, Buckinghamshire (now within the town of Milton Keynes).  He served his paint shop apprenticeship at Wolverton Carriage Works before being called up for military service with the Devon and Dorset Regiment, during which time he played tenor horn and cornet in the regimental band. He met his wife, Doris Bush, at a funfair about 1923 and my brother Gordon arrived the following year with myself ten years later. During the lean Ďhard to find employmentí years we moved around quite a bit living in Ďdigsí ranging from Swindon, Coventry, Oxford, Brighton and finally 28A High Street, Feltham when he worked in the paint shop at Park Royal Coachworks from before & throughout WW2.  He became a Sergeant in the Middlesex Home Guard and after hostilities we moved back to Wolverton as dad got a job at the United Counties Body Shop; eventually settling in Northampton.
[Dennis Sear]
(see Anecdotes)

? Sharman
Graham Shears Works Apprentice?
Stella Shipway

Secretary to the Personnel Manager Harry Endersby.
It was a long time ago so I honestly cannot remember the years I was at PRV, but I left soon after I married in 1955.  I then moved from Ruislip to Bourne End and eventually emigrated to New Zealand.  After my husband died I joined my daughter and her husband in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
[Stella Shipway] (see Anecdotes)

Bill Shirley

General Manager - Joseph William (Bill) Shirley; was born at Birmingham on September 5th 1910 and died at Bournemouth in 1998 aged 87. After training as an engineer, in 1934 he began work on the shop floor at the Eastern coachworks in Lowestoft. Four years later he had become plant director and in 1953 moved to Park Royal as General Manager.  Apart from serving on the committees of the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, from 1954-57 he was also President of the National Federation of Vehicle Trades and President & Chairman of the Institute of British Carriage and Automobile Manufacturers for 1966/7. [Extracted from the obituary printed in the Daily Telegraph 21st May 1998 and supplied to me by Anne James; Ed.].

Phil Shrapnell

Drawing Office - Phil started as an apprentice at PRV in the early 1970ís working in the PRV Drawing Office. He moved on to London Transport (Chiswick) in the R&D Design Office and later to the London Underground Division.

Mike Simpson Factory - Body Shop.  
Gurdip Sing

Factory - Roof gang. (it is believed he apprenticed at PRV).

Jim Slater

Secretary & Chief Accountant - James Derrick Slater - Jim Slater trained as a Chartered Accountant and joined PRV in 1955. In 1958 he left to become Commercial Director of AEC and later Commercial Manager of ACV and then Deputy Sales Director.  He was to become famous as a financier starting his own investment company in 1964 with the MP Peter Walker.  He is also an author of both financial and children's books.
(see http://www.jimslater.org.uk/biography/)

Mike Smith
Miss M. Smith
Miss Sneary
Bert (Slim) Sommerwell Company Secretary
Stack  Electrician's Dep't. Also ran the PRV Rifle Club.
Ernie  Stanbury Paint Shop: Joined Rolls Royce
Reg.  Stanford  Chief Draftsman
R. G. Stanford Aircraft Factory - he may be one and the same Reg. Stanford.
Miss Stanley
Rodney Steward (see Rodney Swalling)
Bill Stock Factory: Worker 
Afred F.  Stone

Alf. Stone - Became a foreman in the Finishing Department but during WW2 he led the company's volunteer Auxiliary Bomb Disposal Unit (see PRV Wartime)

Norman Stops Drawing Office
Reg Strange
Tommy Strong
Rodney Swalling

Wages Office: Bonus Clerk from mid 1974 to October 1975.
Due to family circumstances, in 1970 I changed my name by Deed Poll to "Steward" and later reverted to "Swalling" for personal reasons.
Although it was 40 years ago I still remember some good times and people.  As an Australian I wasn't allowed to work too much so I had to return home.
[Rod Swalling] (see Anecdotes)

Miss Taylor
Charlie Thomas Drawing Office (MOD)
Ron Thompson
Miss Thrope
George Tobias Composite Shop - He sang on the BBC Recording of "Workers Playtime". 
(I believe he was also part of the Royals Concert Party. Ed.)
Fred Tolman
Sylvie Totham Clerk
Jim  Tovell 
Beryl Turner
Harry Vernon

Factory - Sub assembly manufacture.  Later joined Mulliner Park Ward.

Frank Waters

Drawing Office - Frank worked in the PRV Drawing Office for about nine months in the early 1970ís. He had come from Duple Coachbuilders and moved on to work for Vauxhall Motors.

? Watts
Doreen  Walden Sid Collettís Secretary 
Jean Walden Print Room
Bob Walker
Eric Walker Foreman in the trim department.
F Walker
Dave Wallis Personnel Manager. 
Eric West
Ronald West Ronald George Henry West - Public Safety Inspector at PRV working on the Titan.  He sadly died of lung cancer at age 52 in March 1978. 
[Details from his son Ron]
Ken Wheatley Drawing Office
Alf White Factory Worker 
Kenny White Body Shop: 
William White (Billy White): Finishing Shop 
Edith Whitehead Johnny Pidgeon's Secretary
Adrian Wickens Began with PRV in 1973 as a trainee body engineer; left for Leyland in 1979.
Miss Wilkins
? Williams
Mrs Williams
Roy Williamson

Composite Body Shop: Roy started work at Park Royal Coachworks aged fourteen in January 1946 remaining at PRV until they started laying off staff leading up to the closure. Although now 82, Roy remembers the many various vehicles he worked on and has very happy memories of his time there.
(see Anecdotes)

Valerie Willing
Peter Wills

Having completed six months Government Training, Peter joined PRV around 1975/6 in the roof gang. He then joined Mulliner Park Ward and, after its 16 week strike, he joined LT Buses working mostly on its Radio Team fitting radio kits across the fleet; then later doing routine servicing called "Rota's and crash repairs". After six years he rejoined Mulliner firstly doing finishing, but finally working in the head gang, refitting bonnets/boots, doors and making/fitting the head frames.
(see Anecdotes)

? Wilson
B Wollard
Keith Wren
Harry Yager

Harry Yager: Owner of Park Royal Coachworks (PRC) from 1930-1946 (his death) - Chairman of PRC from 1930-1935. 
PRC remained in the control of the Yager family until Harry's death on April 11th 1946 when the family decided to rename the business as Park Royal Vehicles and float the company in the October of the same year.
Harry had significant financial resources with his own Investment Trust that owned much land, especially at Park Royal, including a plot adjacent to the PRC works that he developed as a Greyhound Race Track. 
(see PRV History)
(see The Yager Family)

Reuben Yager

Reuben Yager: Director of Park Royal Coachworks (PRC) from ?-1935. 
Reuben was Harry Yager's 5th child. He was a Board Member of Park Royal Coachworks and also helped run the family's timber merchants & plywood manufacturing business at South Street, Ponders End. 
(see PRV History)
(see The Yager Family - Reuben Yager)

Solomon Yager

Solomon Yager (aka Solly): Director of Park Royal Coachworks (PRC) from 1930-1935.
Solly was Harry Yager's 3rd child. Along with his father Harry, who was Chairman, he was the first family Board Member of Park Royal Coachworks, aged just 22.  He also managed the PRC timber yard and helped run the family's timber merchants & plywood manufacturing business at South Street, Ponders End, being particularly responsible for sales & marketing.
(see PRV History)
(see The Yager Family - Solomon Yager)

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