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These are the members of the PRV Football Team taken at their inaugural game after they had been re-formed and managed in circa 1968 by Darryl Burton (who was the "leading hand" in the blacksmith’s shop.
Darryl went from player to manager.

Back Row: [L to R] (NK) - (Mike Simpson) - (NK) - (NK) - (NK) - (John Doyle) - (Daryl Burton)
Front Row: [L to R] (NK) - (Dave Edwards) - (Kenny White) - (NK) - (NK) - (Davy Edwards) - (NK)

John Doyle, pictured above, sent in the above image (click to enlarge) from the 1972/73 cup final which was lost 3-2, and writes: "Earlier teams played on the grounds (next to the factory) of the Greyhound Stadium that was demolished by 1975.  A Sunday League side was also formed (see below) and being a good competitive team moved from Division 12 to Division 3. The teams had their Home-Ground at Kingsbury (not far from the Vanden-Plas factory).  They also used the PRV canteen for indoor training as it was large enough to accommodate full five-a-side games.  Other known team members were Ray Burrows and Mike Liefboro (and  his brother) along with some external players.  Later Darryl Burton (pictured above) managed the teams (and was the leading hand in the blacksmiths shop).  Other sports included a Cricket Team for which myself, John Doyle, Kenny White & Charlie (whose surname isn't known).  Additionally there was an indoor 202-calibre rifle range coached by an ex. National Champion. And both Table Tennis, played both in the factory and the local League, and Darts between factory workshops were popular"

The Sunday League side. 

This photo is from the first game played after the team was reformed circa 1968/69.  Edward Egan sent in this image of the Sunday League team (click to enlarge) and writes: "I was both captain & goalkeeper (pictured centre) and yes, we played at Kingsbury and were a successful team winning the league a few times, I'm pleased to say."  

John Doyle confirms L to R: Bottom row Kenny White, John Doyle, Eddie Egan, Davy Edwards' unknown. Mike Simpson.
Top row 3rd from the left was Eddie Edwards who later went on to captain the team.

I can remember that we were a very good team and won more than we lost and we had a great camaraderie and fun time’s whilst playing for PRV.  We began in Division 12 of the Sportsman Sunday League; and by 1970/71 we had been promoted to the 8th division which we won; then winning the 6th division in 1972/73. The 1972/73 playing record was as follows; played 20, won 8, drew 5, lost 7; goals, for 61, against 57. We were an attacking team!

(Can anyone identify any of the unnamed players in the above images or confirm any uncertain identities? Ed.)

John Doyle recently found this PRV shirt badge and kindly sent in a picture.

These are the winning trophies

 Winners Senior Division 8 1970-71 

 Winners Senior Division 6 1972-73



 The 1970 British Epee Team at the Fencing Masters World Championships held at Crystal Palace, London.
 L to R: Messrs Mallard, (Keith) Wren & Sullivan; Keith Wren was a PRV employee & Fencing Master.
 https://www.westcoastfencingarchive.com/............British Team mentioned in the Programme half way down


And not to be forgotten is the intense and highly competitive sport of Marbles (well Ball Bearings actually).

Here five members of the drawing office gather on the roof of PRV's main building, during lunch, ready to engage in the ancient spectator sport of Ball Bearings (sorry, Marbles).  With two contenders per team, one of the group will be taking the important role of Umpire making certain that the "Marbles" are of the correct weight and evenly distributed to ensure fair play. On this occasion the role of 'spectator' was taken by the photographer!  I wonder where the ball bearings came from?