Maudslay Motor Company

Founded by Cyril Maudslay in 1902 the Coventry based Maudslay Motor Company Ltd, along with Manchester based Crossley Motors Ltd, was taken over in 1948 by the Associated Equipment Company (AEC) as it was known then.  Immediately a new holding company, Associated Commercial Vehicles (ACV), was formed by this merger with AEC and whilst AEC was by far the larger of the companies in this group, the Maudslay (& Crossley) concerns were left mainly independent to follow their particular markets.

Cyril Maudslay (of Maudslay Motor Company) and Reginald Maudslay (of Standard Motor Company Ltd) were cousins.

Prior to the AEC takeover Maudslay had supplied quite a number of chassis to the forerunning PRV companies; but later, as Maudslay often just "badge engineered" standard AEC chassis, PRV could more easily be supplied by AEC.

PRV only supplied cabs for a few Maudslay Dumptrucks (aka AEC) and a Merryweather fire engine that used the Maudslay Merlin (aka AEC Mercury).
(see The AEC Mandator page)

The only departure from this limited relationship between Maudslay & PRV was the use of a Maudslay chassis (MU3RV273) (aka an AEC Reliance) for PRV's stunning 1955 Royalist coach.
(see The PRV Royalist page)

This Fallowfield & Knight is one of YR 8860/1 Maudslay ML3 3999/4000 chassis of October 1926 operating around the Hackney area.  In 1927 Fallowfield & Knight became part of the London Public Omnibus Co. that itself was to become part of the London General Omnibus Co. just two years later.

This single decker seemingly has bodywork by Park Royal Coachworks but is thought to be a Maudslay ML7A chassis with B32 body by Hall Lewis, probably under construction at the time Park Royal was formed in April 1930. There is more information on the PRC and Hall Lewis pages.

Maudslay coach dating from the 30's.

This Parks Motor Tours coach is on a Maudslay ML3 chassis.  Does anyone know of this company?