Park Royal Coachworks

Park Royal Coachworks was formed out of the liquidation of Hall Lewis and was the forerunner of Park Royal Vehicles (see the History section).

This single decker seemingly has bodywork by Park Royal Coachworks and dates circa 1930.  However, more information has come to light.  This bus is thought to be VC 6112, a Maudslay ML7A (chassis number 4799) recorded with B32 body by Hall Lewis but was probably under construction at the time Park Royal was formed in April 1930, hence the writing "Body Built by Park Royal Coachworks" on the window.  New to Maudslay in May 1930 as a demonstrator it then transferred to Bircher, Ibstock, Leicestershire in February 1932.

Here is VC 6112 as owned and operated by the Swallow Coach Company in the mid 1930's.  David Williams has kindly written in to explain that his great uncle Reginald Albert Carding (1905-1972), owned the company and this coach was used on its services in Bedfordshire, chiefly from Bedford to Harrold. It was probably purchased from Bircher (mentioned above) but was sold in 1938 to Birch Bros. Ltd., along with the goodwill of the 'Swallow' business, several other vehicles and the benefit of all the licenses to operate stage and excursion services.  David has the completed contract in his files and this vehicle is listed in the schedule. 

The ML7 chassis could take a saloon, coach or double-decker.  It had a large and no doubt powerful and thirsty engine.