Leeds City Transport

This page is dedicated to PRV or Roe products initially destined for Leeds City Transport; thus it is a compilation of products found elsewhere on this website. 

Daimler CWA6

Registration Number JUB 577 is a Park Royal bodied Daimler CWA6 in the shape of Leeds 77.  New in 1945 with Park Royal H30/26R body number 30879.  It is pictured in Lupton Avenue adjacent to Torre Road Garage on 15th October 1955.

AEC Swift

b56493_542-1.jpg (112267 bytes)b56493_542-2.jpg (109446 bytes)b56493_542-3.jpg (70368 bytes)b56493_542-4.jpg (72008 bytes)b56493_542-5.jpg (72008 bytes) Registration Number SUB418G built in June 1969 (Body Nos. B56493-542); for Leeds.

Daimler Fleetline

b56463_92-1.jpg (90408 bytes)b56463_92-2.jpg (90408 bytes)b56463_92-3.jpg (71836 bytes)b56463_92-4.jpg (86824 bytes) Registration Number UNW208H Built February 1970 (Body Nos. B56463-92); for Leeds.