Daimler CWA6

  When new to Cleethorpes Corporation in 1944 this vehicle (Registration Number CFU 35) had a Brush L27/28R body.  It was re-bodied by Roe in November 1958 for Grimsby & Cleethorpes Corporation, that had amalgamated operations by then.  The photograph taken outside Roe's works shows the vehicle with the Roe body No. GO4790 and was H33/28R.

I am indebted to John Kaye for the information above and the following photograph.

Registration Number JUB 577 is a Park Royal bodied Daimler CWA6 in the shape of Leeds 77.  New in 1945 with Park Royal H30/26R body number 30879.  It is pictured in Lupton Avenue adjacent to Torre Road Garage on 15th October 1955.

LT D-Class: Just after WW2, in 1946 London Transport arranged to have 100 Daimler CWA6 chassis (with AEC engines) quickly bodied as a stopgap solution to a shortage of vehicles.  These were bodied by Park Royal and entered service between March & November '46 with LT fleet numbers that were prefixed "D" and hence known as D-Class (there were 200 other, mainly CWA6, vehicles with the D-Class prefix in LT's fleet).

To facilitate rapid construction, with LT's agreement, the coachwork used readily available timber framing that wasn't expected to provide longevity. Nonetheless the buses fulfilled their purpose and were onward sold to other Operators in the mid 50's, some of whom re-bodied them to extend their service life.

See here for an excellent description of the Park Royal built LT D Class (http://www.countrybus.org/D/D8.html#top)
See here for details of the 100 Park Royal LT D Class vehicles (http://www.countrybus.org/D/D_a8.html#pk)

I am grateful to Stuart Emmett for the information above.

(Does anyone have an image of one of these Park Royal built D-Class buses? Ed.).