From 1958 to 1972 some nine-hundred buses were built for Tehran (Iran); the first batches up to 12/1967 were 250 AEC Regent V and the last batches from 1972 to 1974/5 comprised 650 Leyland Atlanteans; making the Shah of Persia PRV's most important overseas buyer.

Here is the Shah (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi [1919-1980] - stepping out of one of his new Atlanteans circa 1972 (he is on the platform holding on to the vertical pole).  I don't know where this was pictured - it seems it might be an airfield - nor do I know who the man stepping vigorously off the platform is; anyone know?
(Image from the Don Matthews collection)

This page is a bit of a cheat as I think this is pictured at an airfield in the UK; so here's a challenge - can anyone supply images of PRV bodied buses in Tehran?  There are no prizes just the kudos; my thanks in anticipation, Ed.