P.R.V. - Export Brochure

The following is the contents of an Export Brochure compiled by PRV circa 1951.  It is a hard covered, cloth bound book, measuring approximately 11.5" by 8.5" comprising 32, metal spiral comb bound, double sided pages.  Each page is presented below in sequence, though where the text covers separate pages it is combined.  The vehicle images are shown as they appear in the book with a monochrome internal image (excepting Plate 43 that is external) on the left with the corresponding coloured image (excepting Plate 32 that is b&w) on the right.  All images, apart from the frontispiece, are clickable for a larger image and grouped individual images are also separately clickable (in most browsers).

The quality of the brochure is workmanlike and typical of the period.  Lithographic printing of normal, silver halide, photographs was never as good as the original and it shows, especially in the vehicle internal images.  The use of hand coloured monochrome photographs and some artists' impressions is also typical.

Some vehicles in the brochure date from circa 1950, or the few years before, and, as RT 1906 was new in October 1950, the presumed publication year of 1951 seems likely. Interesting is the art deco styled motif on the ceiling of the coach for Durban, South Africa on Plate 09. It seems a strange and expensive addition for such a vehicle, not to mention being some 10-20 years out of period.  However, the words 'Park Royal Coachworks' can be seen on the crate being loaded at London's docks; and as PRC became PRV in 1946 this photograph (and probably others) dates from much earlier.  

Of particular interest is the aerial view (taken from approximately the north-east) of the works at Abbey Road where the surrounding area has been de-saturated (lightened) but remains clearly visible, showing the Grand Union Canal to the north (bottom of the picture), the allotments to the east and the greyhound race track to the west.  Also of significance is the Experimental Workshop at the top of the picture.  The main offices can be clearly seen at the bend in Abbey Road.


PARK ROYAL BODYWORK is an accepted hallmark of quality for public service vehicles throughout the world. As such, it is daily being proclaimed and put to the test in a variety of climatic and operating conditions. No matter how difficult the terrain, the conditions for maintenance or the problems of exposure to unfriendly dry or humid atmosphere, Park Royal bodies are giving first-class service.

This position in a highly competitive industry has not been achieved by chance. It has been won and held by the continued observance of a sound manufacturing and sales policy based on quality of design, workmanship and service. It is indeed the result of the meticulous care taken to bring-together the technical and sales departments' understanding of the needs of the customer and the ability of the production department to provide a 'custom-built' body.

The range of vehicles offered by Park Royal includes bodywork for double and single deck omnibuses and trolley-buses, luxury touring coaches and diesel-engined railcars. All types are available in composite or metal framed construction. Designs can be prepared to meet specialised operating requirements.

The Company has a large home market which includes the principal Passenger Transport Boards and municipal and company undertakings. Park Royal has also a large export business which includes supplying complete bodies and bodies shipped in knocked-down condition for erection on site.

Of special interest to overseas buyers are the Park Royal local manufacturing arrangements. A system of collaboration with bodybuilders in other countries has been developed whereby Park Royal bodies designed to meet local operating requirements can be manufactured locally under licence, using technical assistance provided by Park Royal. Structural sections are available which are manufactured in bulk at headquarters, thereby giving associated companies the benefit of quantity production. At the same time they give a degree of standardisation which is of great value to operators in the maintenance of their fleets.

This policy of association has been designed to help those countries which are developing their secondary industries. It enables a large element of local labour to be utilised. It also effects considerable economy in transportation charges as compared with the relatively high cost of shipping complete vehicles.

A separate research and development department is maintained at Park Royal exclusively engaged on the manufacture of prototype vehicles and work of an experimental nature; this building of prototype bodies and general development work being undertaken for the benefit of all companies associated with the firm at home and abroad.

In a brochure such as this it is not possible to illustrate all the types of bodywork produced but the following photographs of bodies 'manufactured by Park Royal and also by associated companies are representative of the comprehensive range available.



Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 01 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 02
LLU814 - RT 1906 - AEC RT chassis (modified Regent 3) Oct 1950
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 03 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 04
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 05 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 06
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 07 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 08
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 09 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 10
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 11 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 12
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 13 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 14
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 15 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 16
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 17 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 18
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 19 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 20
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 21 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 22
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 23 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 24 
MTC540 Morecambe & Heysham - AEC Regent 3 - PRV body 1950
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 25 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 26
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 27 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 28
ADX185 Ipswich - Sunbeam chassis - PRV body
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 29 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 30
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 31 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 32
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 33 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 34
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 35 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 36
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 37 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 38
MUG464 Leeds City - AEC Regent 3 - Roe body
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 39 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 40
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 41 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 42
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 43 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 44
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 45 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 46
EGA94 Glasgow Corp - Albion CX37S - Brockhouse body - 1950
Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 47 Export Brochure - Vehicle Plate 48
FDW50 - Newport - Guy chassis - PRV with Guy completion



Transport Undertakings Operating Park Royal Bodies

A.A. Motor Services Limited Ipswich Corporation Transport Department
Aberdare Urban District Council Transport Department Kingston-upon-Hull Corporation Transport
Accrington Corporation Transport Department Leeds City Transport Department
Ashton-under-Lyne Corporation Passenger Transport Leicester City Transport
Barrow-in-Furness Corporation Transport Lincoln Corporation Transport Department
Bath Electric Tramways Limited London Transport Executive
Belfast Corporation Transport Department Luton Corporation Transport
Birkenhead Corporation Transport Department Mayne, A. and Son Limited
Birmingham  and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Limited Maidstone and District Motor Services Limited
Birmingham City Transport Maidstone Corporation Transport Department
Bolton (County Borough of) Transport Department Merthyr Tydfil Corporation Omnibus Department
Bournemouth Corporation Transport Services Morecambe and Heysham Transport Department
Bradford Corporation Passenger Transport Department Newbury and District Motor Services Limited
Brighton, Hove and District Omnibus Company Limited Newcastle-upon-Tyne  Corporat'n Transp't & Electricity Undertaking
Bristol  Tramways and Carriage Company Limited Newport Corporation Transport
British European Airways Corporation North Eastern Region British Railways
British Overseas Airways Corporation Nottingham City Transport
Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee Oxford  (City of) Motor Services Limited
Burton-upon-Trent Corporation Transport Department Plymouth  (City of) Transport
Cardiff Corporation Transport Department Pontypridd Urban District Council Transport Department
Chatham and District Traction Company Portsmouth  (City of) Passenger Transport Department
Cheltenham District Traction Company Reading Corporation Transport
Cleethorpes Corporation Transport Red and White Services Limited
Colchester Corporation Transport Department Rhondda Transport Company Limited
County  Motors (Lepton) Limited Ribble Motor Services Limited
Coventry Corporation Transport Royal Air Force Transport Command
Crosville Motor Services Limited St. Helen's Corporation Transport
Cumberland Motor Services Limited Salford City Transport
David MacBrayne Limited Samuelson New Transport Company Limited
Derby Corporation Omnibus Department Sheffield Transport Department
Devon General Omnibus and Touring Company Limited Southampton Corporation Transport
Doncaster Corporation Transport Department Southdown Motor Services Limited
Douglas Corporation Transport Department, Isle of Man Southend Corporation Transport
Dundee Corporation Transport Department

South Wales Electricity Bo'r'd - Llanelly District Traction Undertaking

Eastern National Omnibus Company Limited Swan Motor Company ( Swansea ) Limited
East Kent Road Car Company Limited Swindon Corporation Passenger Transport Department
Edinburgh  (City and Royal Burgh of) Transport Department The Venture Limited
Gateshead and District Omnibus Company (The) Ulster Transport Authority
Glasgow Corporation Transport United Welsh Services Limited
Gosport and Fareham Omnibus Company Valliant Direct Coaches Limited
Great Yarmouth Corporation Transport Department Wallasey Corporation Motor Buses
Green's Motors Limited Walsall Corporation Transport Department
Grimsby Corporation Transport West Bridgford Urban District Council Passenger Transport Dep't
Halifax Corporation Passenger Transport Westcliff-on-sea Motor Services Limited
Halifax Joint Committee Western Region British Railways
Hants and Sussex Motor Services Limited Western Welsh Omnibus Company Limited
Hastings Tramways Company Wilts and Dorset Motor Services Limited
Hicks Brothers Limited Wolverhampton Corporation Transport Department
Highland Transport Company Limited Yorkshire Traction Company Limited
Huddersfield Corporation Passenger Transport Department Yorkshire Woollen District Transport Company Limited
Huddersfield Joint Committee


Overseas Transport Undertakings Operating Park Royal Bodies

Sudan Light and Power Company Kuala Lumpur

Riga Municipality

Buenos Aires Western Railways

Geo. Wimpey and Company Limited

Bo1tons (PerthLimited
United Buses (Perth Limited
Western Australia Government Railways

Lourenço Marques

Viação Nacional, Rio de Janeiro

J. N. Zarpas and Company Limited
Union Nigerian Transporters Limited
West African Transport Company

Bahamas Passenger Transport
Trinidad Electricity Board

Coimbra Municipal Transport Department

Edmonton Town Council

Coras Iompalr Eireann
Great Northern Railway ( Ireland )

Colombo Omnibus Company
South Western Omnibus Company

Rhodesian Railways

Danish State  Railways

Roumanian State Railways

Cairo  Tramways

Benoni Town Council
Bloemfontein Municipal Transport
Brakpan Municipal Transport
Capetown Tramways
City of East London Transport Department
City of Johannesburg

General Transport Company (F.M.S.) Limited
Toong Fong Omnibus Company, Kuala Lumpur

SOUTH AFRICA (continued)
Durban Municipality
Germiston Municipal Bus Service
Golden Arrow Omnibus Company
Hercules Town Council
Kimberley Omnibus Services Limited
Nigel Town Council
Pietermaritzburg  Passenger Transport
Pretoria City  Passenger Transport

Accra  Town Council

Madrid Tramways
Valencia  Tramways

Davos and Doucas

Ab Nykcöpings Automobilfabrik, Nyköping
Linjebuss, Stockholm

Hyderabad State Railway
United Provinces

Administracion Municipal de Transportes, Collectivos de Montevideo
Cia de Omnibus de Pando

Baghdad Municipality
Iraq State  Railway

Compiled and issued by the Overseas Liaison Office
Park Royal Vehicles Limited, London, N.W.10

Produced by Adprint Limited. Rathbone Place, London, W.1
Printed by Ernest J. Day & Co. Ltd., Foley Street, London, W.1

Brochure kindly provided by Rosemary Stansby.