Guy Motors, based at Wolverhampton, were manufacturers of lorries & buses.  Founded in 1914 by Sydney Guy the company was bought out by Jaguar and hence also became part of the Leyland group.

Many Guy chassis sported a distinctive emblem of a a Native American Indian Chief with full feathered headdress.  My father had one of these superb emblems that I recall stood maybe four/five inches tall on a round base and hollowed to the rear.  Sadly I cannot find it now.

This is FDW50, a Park Royal bodied Guy chassied bus, where the finishing was provided (Under Licence) by Guy Motors.  Destined for Newport Corporation Transport, it is pictured here new (circa 1950) at the Paget Arms Public House, which was situated at Park Lane, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV10 9QG.  The Paget Arms was in the Fallings Park area near Guy's works and indeed, today, Park Lane extends into Guy Avenue.

This same image was hand coloured and used in PRV's Brochure for Export as an example of PRV's "shell construction & supply" to external associated companies for completion that was a service more usually offered to PRV's export market (Photograph Copyright © (5)).

FDW50 as shown in the Export Brochure
FDW50 as a shell in the Export Brochure

In conjunction with the West Riding Automobile Company Guy also developed the Wulfrunian and produced 137 vehicles between 1959 and 1965; mostly bodied by Roe using frames from Park Royal.  Also see PRV Body Frames for more Guy chassied vehicles.

These pictures are of VK 1233/4/86/7 Guy FC chassis with Hall Lewis H28/24R body of 1930.  It looks like MacBrayne's Newcastle Upon Tyne livery? What do you think?

SHL 864 - Guy Wulfrunian with Roe H43/32 body GO5176 built October 1960 for West Riding; pictured at (probably) the 1960 Earls Court Commercial Motor show.