The P.R.V. Green Goddesses

Out of over 3000 Green Goddesses produced, Park Royal built just 150 (see note[1] below) with ash frames and alloy bodies during the period November 1954 to January 1955 with PRV body numbers B37444 to B37593 and registrations PGW51 to PGW200. 
To date, it is known that:

PRV Green Goddesses  #
Definitely in a museum 2
Definitely preserved (privately) 20
Converted for other use
(effectively preserved but but not in original form)
Possibly preserved


Believed to be working but not in preservation 7
In private storage (known) 1
Definitely exported  22
Probably exported  2
Definitely scrapped 10
Probably scrapped 10
Awaiting disposal or otherwise unaccounted for 73

Can you help update these numbers by helping fill in our list of PRV bodied Green Goddesses? (Please click here for the list)

Apart from Park Royal, the other bodybuilders involved with the supply of Green Goddesses were; Longwell Green, Harringtons, Hoskins, Jennings, Plaxton, Papworth Industries, Strachan, Willowbrook, Whitson, Windover and Weymann.  

Brian Burgess is keen to know if anyone can shed any light on the Green Goddess bodies built by the above companies. 
(Can you help? Please email and I will be pleased to pass on any information; Ed.) 

Brian is the owner of PRV built PGW163 and has kindly supplied an interesting article about it and his close and long association with it.
(See: PGW 163 by Brian Burgess)

Note[1]: The order placed with Park Royal was for 200 Green Goddesses (PGW1 to PGW200) but, no doubt due to capacity issues at the time, Park Royal subcontracted the first 50 to Longwell Green.  These used the registrations PGW1 to PGW50 and thus are the rarest of all Green Goddess bodies.