Routemaster - 60th Celebration

The 60th Anniversary of the release of the Routemaster (at the 1954 Commercial Motor Show) was held at Finsbury Park, London on  the 12th & 13th of July 2014. Brian Burgess has kindly sent in a selection of his images with accompanying text that I'm pleased to present below:
(Read Brian's Ode to a Routemaster here)

Routemaster's 60th anniversary rally at Finsbury Park in July 2014

RMs #1, #2 & #3 are the first in the line-up.

RMs #1, #2 & #3 are the first in the line-up.

RMs #2 & #3.

The FRM with its doors open that shows the modification of the entry step arrangement from the original design.

RML 2620 was new in May 1967; withdrawn in March 2004 and purchased for preservation.

KGJ 601D (Body # B54293) the first BEA Routemaster; new at the Battle of Hastings in 1066; alright October 1966.

RMC 1485 (RM Coach having rear platform doors).

RML 2344 new in October 1965 and withdrawn in October 2005.

Once a double-decker, RML2284 (CUV 284C) was new to Aldenham in August '65 and used for driver training; then finally into service at Willesden in October '66. In 2004 it was acquired by a private buyer and converted to a single deck, painted Lincoln Green and used as a mobile workshop.

Also originally a double-decker, RM1368 (368CLT) was new in December '62.  Two years after the upper deck was destroyed in a garage fire, LT  converted it to a single-decker and used it as an experimental vehicle at Chiswick.  It was sold in August 1990 and preserved.

RML 2663 (SMK 633F) was new in July 1967 and withdrawn in  September 2004.  Exported to Dusseldorf, it is now used for entertainments (see more images here).

One of the 22 RML's leased to Kentish Bus by London Transport in 1992.

RML 2699 (SMK 699F) was new in June 1967 and withdrawn in  March 2004 and privately preserved since.

The RM's maker's plate; always to the left of the staircase on every Routemaster except two of the prototypes.

The RM's staircase.

RMs as far as the eye can see.