Ribble Motor Services

Beginning in 1919, Ribble Motor Services grew to be the largest operator in the North West of England. Based in Preston, Lancashire it maintained a territory stretching from Carlisle in Cumberland to southern Lancashire.


Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust


A Leyland type SG7 operated by 'Preston based' Ribble Motor Services. I think the interior image is of the same bus.

I'm grateful to Jonathan Cadwallader who has advised that this bus is indeed a 1924 Leyland SG7 ( fleet number C.76; registration CK 3588) with Leyland's own bodywork, having 38 seats and dual doors. The fad for dual doors was short lived, only lasting two years. Heaven knows why someone thought it desirable. The S in the SG designation stood for side, as the driver sat alongside rather than behind the engine as in previous designs, thus allowing more space inside the body for passenger seats.  I particularly like the horn sticking out from the front dash panel.  It must have been quite a relief to all when pneumatic tyres were introduced!  Like many buses built at that time, it did not have a long life with Ribble, being sold in 1931. The SG series of Leylands were replaced that year by buses such as our 1931 Leyland Lion 1161 ( fleet number 1161; registration CK 4518)

Leyland Atlantean

Registration Number RTF614M Built in January 1974 (Body Nos. B60594); for Ribble.

b60592_633-1.jpg (97935 bytes)b60592_633-2.jpg (84234 bytes)b60592_633-3.jpg (69805 bytes)b60592_633-4.jpg (77495 bytes)b60592_633-5.jpg (88738 bytes)b60592_633-6.jpg (68886 bytes)b60592_633-7.jpg (66836 bytes) Registration Number RTF624M Built in December 1973 (Body No. B60622); for Ribble.  (See its wreckage below.)

b61730_63-1.jpg (83265 bytes)b61730_63-2.jpg (83265 bytes)b61730_63-3.jpg (81274 bytes)b61730_63-4.jpg (73246 bytes)b61730_63-5.jpg (74013 bytes)b61730_63-6.jpg (77265 bytes)b61730_63-7.jpg (85787 bytes) Registration Number NRN400P Built in April 1976 (Body Nos. B61730-63); for Ribble. (Photographs Copyright (3)).

One of the same batch NRN397P (Ribble 1397) built in April 1976 (Body No. B61756) has been undergoing renovation at the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust since 2008.  Evidently in a shocking state, the extensive renovation has clearly been arduous as can be witnessed by following the work on the RVPT's forum entries dedicated to the process (see NRN397P in renovation).
Jonathan Cadwallader has kindly sent in photographs that can be seen on the NRN397P page. 

And now for some other Atlantean wreckages at Ribble:

Registration Number RTF642M Built in March 1974 (Body No. B60622); for Ribble; the bus seen new above..

Registration Number GBV141N Built in December 1974 (Body No. B60758); for Ribble; no longer in showroom condition. 

Registration Number NRN372P Built in December 1975 (Body No. B61731); for Ribble; no longer in showroom condition.