Leyland Titan

There were many designations of the Titan chassis that was in production in the UK from 1927-1969 with only a three-year break during WW2. This chassis is not to be confused with the later (1970's) rear-engined Titan B15.

  Registration number EO 8890, this Leyland Titan PD2/3 with Park Royal H30/26R bodywork undergoes a tilt test at LTE Chiswick Works on the 20th January 1949. The 26' long PD2 was not intended for London and this example apparently went to Barrow Corporation (the first of a batch of 60 delivered between 1949 & '51) and then, along with at least some of its sibling vehicles, to Merthyr Tydfil Corporation in 1961 - it was withdrawn in 1966. The gentleman on the right is William (Bill) Davis, Works Manager at PRV, and to the left is a Ministry of Transport Inspector (probably); the same man appears in the tilt test on the AEC Regent page.  (Photo kindly provided by Nigel Davis.)

  Registration Number  FUF224, this pre-war Titan TD5 with  Park Royal H54R bodywork (Body Nos. B33645-69) was built in 1938 and operated by Southdown Motor Services Ltd (Fleet Number 224).

A 1949 Titan PD2-3 Registration Number EO 8896 for Barrow Corporation (Fleet No. 117).

A 1950 Titan PD2-3 Registration Number EO 9504 for Barrow Corporation (Fleet No. 153).

Titan PD2 Registration Number OCD765 (PRV H57RD Body Nos. B37683-94) operated by Southdown Motor Services in Brighton. 

Titan PD3 Registration Number TBC162 Built July 1958 (PRV H4133R Body Nos. B41205-7) operated by Leicester City Transport. 

b49996_50000-1.jpg (97712 bytes)b49996_50000-2.jpg (97712 bytes)b49996_50000-3.jpg (97712 bytes)b49996_50000-4.jpg (97712 bytes)b49996_50000-5.jpg (97712 bytes) Registration Number 76HBC Built in March 1964 (Body Nos. B49996-50000); for Leicester.  

b54657_66-1.jpg (92629 bytes)b54657_66-2.jpg (89136 bytes)b54657_66-3.jpg (65573 bytes)b54657_66-4.jpg (69054 bytes) Registration Number GRY57D Built in September 1966 (Body Nos. B54657-66); for Leicester.  

  RDH 507 - Walsall 817, is a Leyland Titan PD2/12 with Roe FH33/23RD body GO3710 built on Park Royal frames.  It was new in June 1953.

barton-01.jpg (77447 bytes)barton-02.jpg (70190 bytes)barton-03.jpg (78368 bytes)barton-05.jpg (60554 bytes)barton-04.jpg (57410 bytes)barton-06.jpg (81492 bytes)barton-07.jpg (62618 bytes)barton-08.jpg (79987 bytes)barton-09.jpg (63109 bytes)barton-10.jpg (47631 bytes)barton-11.jpg (61521 bytes) This is a 1948 Leyland Titan PD1A with Duple bodywork for Barton Transport (Fleet No. 508). It has a front entrance with a double sliding door arrangement.