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Tony Scott's photos (see below) spurred me into setting up this page dedicated to images of the "works" that I hope visitors to this website will supply.  I have some early photos in the "Historic Works" section and Wartime pictures - but I have no more!

So do you have some photos of the factory site?  As an enthralled youngster did you creep by the Grand Union Canal and snap some buses through the fence?  Would you like to share your snaps of PRV with all who access this website?  If so please send them to me.

There are no prizes, no catch and no gimmicks!  Just the immense pleasure and kudos of having your snaps displayed here!  I will be pleased to credit you.  And who knows, someone might wish to buy a print from you!  Therefore this page is dedicated to photos that show the PRV works.  I am always happy, of course, to receive photos of buses associated with PRV but if they are not pictured in the works I shall place them in the section for that particular vehicle.  

Please remember this website is for nostalgia and is not-for-profit!  So why not send in your pictures too!

kyy685-1.jpg (79379 bytes)kyy685-1.jpg (79379 bytes) Tony Scott kindly sent me these two photos of the factory site taken with his Brownie 127 camera on May the 8th 1965.  The buses complete are RCL 2224 & 2225 which went into service on the 721 route from Romford (RE) garage on 1st June 1965.

Tony also supplied these photos of Titans taken at PRVs works during October/November 1979. Another of Tony's pictures (a close up) can be seen on the Leyland page.

Routemasters circa 1963 by Peter Abbott.

Chris Stanley (of www.theredlondonbus.com) kindly supplied these images of RMs pre-delivery at Park Royal.  These pictures were taken on April the 3rd & 26th, 1964.

 RML2656 (NML656E), new in June '67 here it is in the PRV works. The following month saw it begin service at Hanwell. After withdrawal from service in 2004 it was used for "Park & Ride" services in Plymouth before being sold to a private owner in St. Tropez (Photo: ©Eric Jones). 

A PRV bodied Leyland Panther (Body No. B54926) is seen here in the PRV works new in September '67 and ready for delivery to SL Stockholm as fleet number A74448 (Photo: ©Eric Jones). 

Below: I'm pleased to present a wonderful 9mm Cine Film made during the 1960ís by Eric Jones (a member of the PRVdesign Group) capturing nostalgic scenes of trams, buses & trolleybuses; a must for all die-hard bus transport enthusiasts.  Why is it on this page you may ask - well it's because it contains some rare footage of P.R.V. workshops, bus production, buses being moved around at the works & the drawing office (between 1962 & 1968). 

Other footage includes L.T.E. Area S.W. (where green meets red) with scenes of routes 265, 418, 468, 65 & 65A (between 1963 & 1967); Bournemouth trolleybuses - two third size (now in Devon); various routes and bus scenes including: Leatherhead garage & London country days (1970); Family picnic and Crich Tramway Museum (circa 1966); the P.R.V. company outing to Hever Castle (1974); London to Brighton Run for the Historical Commercial Vehicles Society including Reigate Hill, Gatwick (A23), Brighton Marina & plenty of old-timers (May 1964).

Note: With careful scrutiny I believe the following buses definitely appear in the film as 'just built' during September to October 1968: Atlantean WWB192G (Body No. B55744) for Sheffield, Atlantean MTF665G (Body No. B55974) a demonstrator for Leyland and Atlantean TWE104F (Body No. B55837) for Sheffield.  Also there is a glimpse of a bus destined for Stockholm; it may be the Leyland Panther (Body No. B55814) built September 1967, can anyone confirm?  So the question is "what buses can you spot?" Ed.

Memories of Trams, Buses & Trolleybuses
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