P.R.V. - MOD Drawing Office 

The MOD (Ministry of Defence) Drawing Office was situated in the Experimental Shop in the annexe south of the main offices in Abbey Road (the workshop area is shown at the top right of this aerial view of the works).  It was in the obvious V-shaped-roofed building running north-south semi-parallel with Abbey Road.

What they did in there was mostly very secretive and if my father knew anything about it he certainly abided by the rules and any details he had were never made known to me.  All I know is that it existed, where it was located, and that he occasionally visited it.  And on one of those rare occasions I was allowed to accompany him; quite safe as I wouldn't have had a clue what was going on and I've never mentioned (until now) that I was allowed in there.

I am not saying that anything detailed here was as a result of work carried out in the experimental shop, but all MOD (Ministry of Defense) work was done there and if anyone knows of anything that occurred there, that after all these years, can be made public, I shall be pleased to know.  Whatever did happen there was either governed by commercial secrecy or the Official Secrets Act, the latter no doubt remaining in place. 

What I do know is that many MOD vehicles (some pre-built elsewhere) were fitted out with military-secretive electronics and some employees were skilled specifically in the design of these installations.

The MOD drawing office was closed in 1975.