P.R.V. - Farewell 

Park Royal - The last day!? 

Though Park Royal officially closed in July 1980 staff are seen here commemorating the closure on the 27th of February (see below).
This image has been horizontally cropped for use on this website (full image available below) you may click the image above to enlarge and then again to supersize.

Clearly a large number of staff gathered outside the main entrance to the offices with Titan T183 in attendance. Titan T183 (CUL183V) was taken in to Aldenham in March 1980 and then into service at Barking in June. Sixty-eight more Titans were to be built before closure; so this image isn't actually the "last day" as T183's attendance attests.  It seems most likely that this gathering occurred on Friday the 29th of February 1980 as, for many staff, this may well have been their last day together as, from March staff were gradually "let go" in stages as their roles diminished.  My father, Alf Hill, isn't in the picture as he was forcibly retired on his sixty-fifth birthday (February 9th 1980) and thus didn't qualify for redundancy payment; a raw deal since many staff were leaving with full redundancy less than a month later.  

This is the full image - it shows a few staff members peering out through the upper floor windows.
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This photograph was kindly supplied by John Richards.   
Do you recognise anyone in this image? (Ed.).

Recognition List

Don Matthews

Front left, second along (Safari jacket)

Dennis Busby

Front left, third along (V-Neck sweater & shabby jacket, pen in pocket, with hands behind)

Bill Rees

Immediately to Dennis Busby's right

Bill Chapman

Second row, immediately behind the two ladies standing together in the front row

Cliff Folland

Rear to the right of the door (in the cloth cap)

Ken Hatton

Immediately to Cliff Folland's right (wearing sunglasses) 

John Richards

Front, 5th from left and left of Dennis Busby (with beard)

Graham Downey

Rear immediately behind Dennis Busby (tall with light open-neck shirt)

Mick Carolan

Standing on the wall (the tall white-haired man)

David Quainton

Front 5th from right with his arms folded (not a PRV employee - see below)


(David Quainton: Was then the Plant Director at Leyland Workington (and presumably at PRV in connection with the transfer of the Titan production).  He went on to be one of the Leyland Bus management buy out team following which he had a career with Plaxton.  Also he was one-time Chairman of the Bus & Coach Section the SMMT.)