P.R.V. - Drawing Office 

Firstly, from the Don Matthews collection, is an image dating from about 1940.

The second image shows how bad the original is - I just have to display it as it is probably the worst I have had a go at.

Left side; L to R: is Norman Stopps, Alf Hill, Dave Breeze, Bert Green & Tom Strong.
Right side; Foreground: Brian Hough, Far Background: Unknown, Near Background: Dave Pearson, Between: Bill Pearson with Ann Daniell.

Ann Daniell was Alf Hill's sister-in-law and she worked at Park Royal as a tracer throughout WW2 and into the 1950's.


These two images kindly sent in by Ian McLellan-Smith, are of the Drawing Office staff in March 1967 (see the PRVdesign Group page).

Pictured here from left to right are: Glen Mountney, Denis (from C.H. Roe), John Bland, Eric Jones, Ian McLellan-Smith, Doug Redfern (sitting), Bert Durham, Bill Rees, Alf Hill [my father (Ed.)], Mr Barnard (Barney), Charlie Babbs (sitting), Bert Butler, Bill Pearson & Charlie Roberts.

Pictured in the bar after work from left to right & clockwise are: Kathy (from the print room), Minnie (one of the office cleaners), Gitte Petersen (from Denmark), working on the Stockholm contracts. [and yes I know Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Ed.], Denis (from C.H. Roe), Charlie Babbs, Ian McLellan-Smith (holding up pint), Doug Redfern, Bert Durham, Charlie Roberts, Bill Rees, Eric Jones, Glen Mountney and back to Kathy.

(If anyone can identify others' in these pictures I'll be pleased to know. Ed.)