City of Oxford Motor Services

This page is dedicated to PRV or Roe (also Willowbrook) products initially destined for City of Oxford Motor Services; thus it is a compilation of products found elsewhere on this website. 

AEC Bridgemaster 

b45432_3-1.jpg (227543 bytes)b45432_3-2.jpg (215825 bytes)b45432_3-3.jpg (216768 bytes)b45432_3-4.jpg (220384 bytes) Registration Number 312MFC built in November 1961 (Body Nos. B45703-10); for City of Oxford.

AEC Reliance

791tjo-1.jpg (74629 bytes)791tjo-2.jpg (70304 bytes)791tjo-3.jpg (76094 bytes)791tjo-4.jpg (84736 bytes)791tjo-5.jpg (93111 bytes)791tjo-6.jpg (60232 bytes)791tjo-7.jpg (83611 bytes) Registration 791TJO Built February 1964 (Body by Willowbrook) for Oxford (Photographed at PRV Works).

AEC Renown

b49771_80-1.jpg (94931 bytes)b49771_80-2.jpg (84224 bytes)b49771_80-3.jpg (77842 bytes)b49771_80-4.jpg (66475 bytes) Registration Number 338RJO Built in December 1963 (Body Nos. B49771-80); for Oxford.

b50627_35-1.jpg (80435 bytes)b50627_35-2.jpg (70230 bytes)b50627_35-3.jpg (67084 bytes)b50627_35-4.jpg (64217 bytes)b50627_35-5.jpg (78179 bytes) Registration Number 343TJO Built in October 1964 (Body Nos. B50627-35); for Oxford.

b53771_82-1.jpg (94719 bytes)b53771_82-2.jpg (88468 bytes)b53771_82-3.jpg (68083 bytes)b53771_82-4.jpg (70645 bytes) Registration Number CFC357C Built in December 1965 (Body Nos. B53771-82); for Oxford.

b54358_65-1.jpg (109948 bytes)b54358_65-2.jpg (107913 bytes)b54358_65-3.jpg (70831 bytes)b54358_65-4.jpg (72993 bytes) Registration Number DFC365D Built in April 1966 (Body Nos. B54358-65); for Oxford.