AEC Reliance

(Also see the PRV Royalist Coach of 1955 as this was an AEC Reliance chassis badge engineered by Maudslay)

The nearest bus is MBY346 an AEC Reliance with PRV body B37234 also new in June 1954 and destined for Bourne & Balmer whilst the three leftmost vehicles are from a batch of six (KCY488-93) PRV bodied Guy Arab LUF's (Body Nos. B37225-230) new in June 1954 and destined for Neath & Cardiff. 

This 1955 PRV bodied AEC Reliance was destined for Luanda, Angola.
(Image courtesy Ian McLellan-Smith).

This 1955 PRV bodied AEC Reliance was destined for Nigeria.

 HHL 875 - West Riding 799 is an AEC Reliance with Roe Dalesman C41C body GO3999.  Being the first of four such vehicles to enter service in 1956, it was withdrawn in September 1966.

This is an AEC Reliance with PRV bodywork built June 1957 (Body Nos. B40650-7) for Trinidad. 

Registration LST 750 Built February 1958 (Body No. B41539) for Highland.

wdg630-1.jpg (135320 bytes)wdg630-2.jpg (117743 bytes)wdg630-3.jpg (107251 bytes)wdg630-4.jpg (98455 bytes)wdg630-5.jpg (98837 bytes)wdg630-6.jpg (75248 bytes) Registration WDG630 Built April 1959 (Body by Roe - based at Leeds) for Black & White Coaches of Cheltenham.

b43856_75-1.jpg (64467 bytes)b43856_75-2.jpg (77786 bytes)b43856_75-3.jpg (78357 bytes)b43856_75-4.jpg (83033 bytes) Registration TFN405 Built February 1960 (Body Nos. B43856-75) for East Kent.

Registration WFN513 Built in May 1961 (Body No. B45362) for East Kent is pictured in 2013 outside the old depot in New Romney, alongside another Park Royal product, a BEA Regent IV coach. 

b48686_700-1.jpg (96160 bytes)b48686_700-2.jpg (92447 bytes)b48686_700-3.jpg (85286 bytes)b48686_700-4.jpg (81035 bytes) Registration 425DHO Built March 1962 (Body Nos. B48686-700) for Aldershot & District.

b48740-1.jpg (106791 bytes)b48740-2.jpg (105371 bytes)b48740-3.jpg (81801 bytes)b48740-4.jpg (70382 bytes) Registration 327NMP Built April 1962 (Body No. B48740) for A.E.C [Demonstrator].

b48758_77-1.jpg (114145 bytes)b48758_77-2.jpg (104548 bytes)b48758_77-3.jpg (87718 bytes)b48758_77-4.jpg (86166 bytes) Registration 519FN Built July 1962 (Body Nos. B48758-77) for East Kent.

b48796_810-1.jpg (104707 bytes)b48796_810-2.jpg (101480 bytes)b48796_810-3.jpg (76721 bytes)b48796_810-4.jpg (83402 bytes) Registration 473FCG Built January 1963 (Body Nos. B48796-810) for Aldershot & District.

b49006_14-1.jpg (76083 bytes)b49006_14-2.jpg (80550 bytes)b49006_14-3.jpg (98114 bytes) Registration 6546FN Built June 1963 (Body Nos. B49006-14) for East Kent.

b49105-1.jpg (84464 bytes)b49105-2.jpg (93202 bytes)b49105-3.jpg (78540 bytes)b49105-4.jpg (73596 bytes)b49105-5.jpg (74466 bytes) Registration 519FN Built November 1963 (Body Nos. B49105) for East Kent.

b50022_31-1.jpg (104822 bytes)b50022_31-2.jpg (96699 bytes)b50022_31-3.jpg (91925 bytes)b50022_31-4.jpg (93542 bytes) Registration AFN600B Built May 1964 (Body Nos. B50022-31) for East Kent.

b51691_6-1.jpg (101751 bytes)b51691_6-2.jpg (102579 bytes)b51691_6-3.jpg (95736 bytes)b51691_6-4.jpg (72419 bytes) Registration CTT22C Built March 1965 (Body Nos. B51691-6) for Devon General.

b51724_7-1.jpg (101561 bytes)b51724_7-2.jpg (89043 bytes)b51724_7-3.jpg (76004 bytes)b51724_7-4.jpg (89797 bytes) Registration BJX131C Built July 1965 (Body Nos. B51724-7) for Hebble Motors.

b52367_92-1.jpg (114727 bytes)b52367_92-2.jpg (113538 bytes)b52367_92-3.jpg (87778 bytes)b52367_92-4.jpg (93772 bytes) Registration DJG609C Built April 1965 (Body Nos. B52367-92) for East Kent.

b54181_92-2.jpg (100443 bytes)b54181_92-3.jpg (85676 bytes) Registration GJG632D Built March 1966 (Body Nos. B54181-92) for East Kent.

b58245_334-1.jpg (122685 bytes)b58245_334-2.jpg (118284 bytes)b58245_334-3.jpg (63348 bytes)b58245_334-4.jpg (85039 bytes) Registration JPA101K Built October 1971 (Body Nos. B58245-334) for London Country.

Registration Number JPA169K Built in March 1972 (Body No. B58313); alongside Leyland Atlantean JPL104K Built in April 1972 (Body No. B58337); both for London Country Buses and shown here at the PRV works. 

kjy996-1.jpg (96842 bytes)kjy996-2.jpg (101724 bytes)kjy996-3.jpg (100759 bytes) Registration KJY996 (Body by Willowbrook - based at Loughborough and a subsidary of Duple) for Grimsby & Cleethorpes. (Photographs © Grimsby Evening Telegraph).

791tjo-1.jpg (74629 bytes)791tjo-2.jpg (70304 bytes)791tjo-3.jpg (76094 bytes)791tjo-4.jpg (84736 bytes)791tjo-5.jpg (93111 bytes)791tjo-6.jpg (60232 bytes)791tjo-7.jpg (83611 bytes) Registration 791TJO Built February 1964 (Body by Willowbrook) for Oxford (Photographed at PRV Works).

4979vt-1.jpg (74698 bytes)4979vt-2.jpg (60256 bytes)4979vt-3.jpg (75037 bytes)4979vt-4.jpg (55327 bytes)4979vt-5.jpg (85119 bytes)4979vt-6.jpg (78349 bytes)4979vt-7.jpg (66806 bytes)4979vt-8.jpg (72467 bytes) Registration 4979VT Built 1964 (Body B3238 by Marshall - based at Cambridge) for Potteries Motor Traction - Stoke on Trent (Photographed at PRV Works).

 This was a "Mystery Bus" - There was conjecture over this vehicle.  Originally it was thought to be possibly a Plymouth Regal IV (circa July ' 55) or maybe a Reliance.  It was questionable whether it was destined for New Zealand or a small U.K operator.  The mystery is now solved!

The following analysis was kindly given by Malcolm Tennant (a member of the Management Committee of the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum at Lathalmond, near Dunfermline).

Malcolm's perception of this vehicle was that it had a striking resemblance to a 1954/5 AEC-PRV Monocoach of SMT (by then officially renamed Scottish Omnibuses Ltd.). 

He commented: The SMT livery layout (of light green lower panels with darker green wings and cream roof, waistband and wheels ) seems to be echoed here.  Only the absence of the "SMT Diamond" fleet emblem on the side and the "not-quite-as-I-remember-them" rear end causes doubt in my mind.  I recall that SOL Monocoaches had twin side-opening doors to the boot, rather than a lift-up flap, and the number plate aperture doesn't seem quite right.  However, as Scottish Omnibuses purchased the first six production Monocoaches (MC3RV001-6) and then 50 more in 1954/5, this may have been one of the first batch pictured prior to delivery (and presumable modification).

Now a further analysis by Neil Fraser (please see his AEC site) has confirmed that it is indeed a Reliance.

Neil has suggested that the "mystery bus" is an AEC Reliance MU3RV008, a very early production chassis, with Park Royal body number B39147.  In Nov 1955 this vehicle was an exhibit at the Scottish Motor Show and was in Scottish Omnibus livery.  It was later registered HSD 473 and sold to Hogarth, Ardrossan, t/a Clyde Coast Services.