Leicester City Transport

This page is dedicated to PRV or Roe products initially destined for Leicester City Transport; thus it is a compilation of products found elsewhere on this website. 

You can visit the Leicester Transport Heritage Trust here.

Leyland Titan

Titan PD3 Registration Number TBC162 Built July 1958 (PRV H4133R Body Nos. B41205-7) operated by Leicester City Transport. 

b49996_50000-1.jpg (97712 bytes)b49996_50000-2.jpg (97712 bytes)b49996_50000-3.jpg (97712 bytes)b49996_50000-4.jpg (97712 bytes)b49996_50000-5.jpg (97712 bytes) Registration Number 76HBC Built in March 1964 (Body Nos. B49996-50000); for Leicester.  

b54657_66-1.jpg (92629 bytes)b54657_66-2.jpg (89136 bytes)b54657_66-3.jpg (65573 bytes)b54657_66-4.jpg (69054 bytes) Registration Number GRY57D Built in September 1966 (Body Nos. B54657-66); for Leicester.  

Leyland Atlantean

b56136_45-1.jpg (97712 bytes)b56136_45-2.jpg (97712 bytes)b56136_45-3.jpg (97712 bytes)b56136_45-4.jpg (97712 bytes) Registration Number PBC113G Built in April 1969 (Body Nos. B56136-45); for Leicester.