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PRV Specific 

PRV Design Group

The PRV Design Group is a nostalgic site exclusively for ex-employees of the Drawing Office at Park Royal Vehicles.

PRV Lists on the Web (B Series)

PRV Lists on the Web (L Series)

This site is an excellent resource for ascertaining the marque associated with specific body numbers from a variety of coachbuilders. This link selects the Park Royal list although other coachbuilders may be accessed from the home page at

Old Bus Photos (PRV page)

This website belies its name. It's not just "Old Bus Photos", it is a wealth of information on British buses referenced by chassis manufacturer, coachbuilder and operator.
This link is preset to the PRV page.

Helston (Cornwall) Diesel Group

The Helston Railway Diesel Group (HRDG) has acquired two of the four remaining Park Royal class 103 vehicles, built in 1957 by Park Royal on behalf of British Railways.

Park Royal Vehicles Pages

Michael Neal's pages dedicated to Park Royal Vehicles.

The Railcar Association

PRV were one of five firms given contracts to build railbuses for delivery in '58. This site has a detailed account of the PRV railbuses and of the PRV built Class 103 Railcoaches.

Buses, Coaches & Coachbuilding

AEC Bus Site

This website, by Neil Gow, is dedicated to buses built by the Associated Equipment Company Ltd, and later by British Leyland Motor Corporation under the AEC marque.

AEC Society

The official society for the AEC Company; the one time manufacturer of vehicle chassis upon which PRV and other coachbuilders constructed their bodywork.

Routemaster Association

A site, maintained by Phil Wilson, dedicated to the preservation and operation of Routemasters.

The Bus Station

Bus, coach, tram, trolleybus and transit weblinks worldwide.


HBH Associated (i.e. Caravans & Shooting Brakes) 

Historic Caravan Club


The aim of the Historic Caravan Club is to promote the preservation and use of Pre-1961 caravans. The club hopes to give an increased awareness of this important part of motoring and social history and educate future generations in the preservation of caravans.

Riley RM Club

A Club for the Preservation of all Rileys from 1946-1955.

Woodie Car Club

A site dedicated to the restoration & preservation of timber framed shooting brakes, estate cars and station wagons.



Handley Page Association


During WW2 Park Royal Coachworks (PRV after 1946), as part of the London Aircraft Production Group (LAPG), built the outer wings, engine cowlings and nacelles for the Halifax bomber designed by Handley Page. This site is about Handley Page and may be of interest.

War Wheels


During WW2 Park Royal Coachworks (PRV after 1946), manufactured military vehicles and this site is a comprehensive online resource for modelers and enthusiasts of armoured cars and wheeled fighting vehicles that contains some references to Park Royal products.


Other Vehicles 

The London Vintage Taxi Association

The London Vintage Taxi Association is a multi-marque club devoted to the preservation of British taxicabs. Both archive material and forthcoming events from the LVTA are available on this website.


Transport Sites (Personal)

Front Entrance Routemaster

FRM 1. The experimental front entrance, rear engine routemaster. Pictures by John King.

Ian's Bus Stop

Brimming with pictures and detail, Ian Smith's BUS-STOP is an outsider's view of London Transport buses, mainly in the 1930-1980 era.

Stavanger Bus Page

Michael Neal's comprehensive look at the buses of south-west Norway.

The Classic Buses Website

The home of classic buses and coaches on the net. This site is all about nostalgia for British passenger transport vehicles from the 1930s to the 1960s, with an unashamed bias towards 'halfcabs'. Dick Gilbert's excellent & informative site is a 'must visit'.

The SCT '61 Website

Bus, Trolleybus and Tram Photo Archive from the 1960s and earlier.


Preservation Groups & Other Societies 

The Provincial Society

The Provincial Society was formed as an historic society for people with an interest in the operations, and vehicles of the former: Provincial Bus companies operating in the Hampshire & Dorset areas. There is much memorabilia on the site and many preserved vehicles.

The West Country Historic Omnibus & Transport Trust

The Trusts's vision is of a permanent museum in the West Country, devoted to the history of public and commercial road transport in the region

Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society (incorporating the Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum) 

The objects of the Society are to preserve, restore and operate historic road transport vehicles; Buses & Coaches, Commercial vehicles, motor cycles and cars.

Devon General Omnibus Trust

The Devon General Omnibus Trust is a registered charity established in 2013 to support and promote the rescue, restoration, preservation and operation of historic vehicles that once carried the livery of the DEVON GENERAL OMNIBUS & TOURING CO. LTD. 


Transport History 

Local Transport History Library by Peter Gould

"Taking You On A Journey Through Our Transport Past" compiled by Peter Gould:
This is an extensive library of illustrated downloadable booklets on Transport History. This site replaces Peter Gould's old site (below) that is no longer being updated but is shown for completeness. 

Transport Museums 

The London Transport Museum

The official site of the London Transport Museum.

Dover Transport Museum

Where some PRV timber models are apparently preserved.

Scottish Vintage Transport Museum

The official website of the SVBM.

The Cobham Bus Museum

What happened to all those buses? Nearly all were scrapped when their service days were over but a few managed to escape the breaker's blowtorch and some can be seen at Cobham Bus Museum, home of the London Bus Preservation Trust (LBPT), a registered charity.


Routemaster Maintenance 

Routemaster & Other Bus Stuff

Graham Walker's site where you can browse and buy specialist items essential for everyone who runs, maintains or repairs London's most famous Red Double-Decker - and for everyone who is simply fascinated with what goes on under the bonnet!



Below is a selection of nostalgic videos on various public sites that contain images of all manner of vehicles.
Suggestions welcome.

Aldenham Works

The Aldenham Works was the main London Transport Bus overhaul works - (YouTube).

Driving through London in the 50's

A drive through Hammersmith & Kensington in the 1950's - (YouTube).

Memories of Trams, Buses & Trolleybuses
(Note - Internal Link)

I'm pleased to present a wonderful 9mm Cine Film made during the 1960ís by Eric Jones (a member of the PRVdesign Group) capturing nostalgic scenes of trams, buses & trolleybuses; a must for all die-hard bus transport enthusiasts.



Below is a selection of other sites that may be of interest to readers.
Suggestions welcome.

Rural Roads

This website has been set up to help planners and managers of rural road networks in developing countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, to ask the many questions which should be asked in planning a program, to better appreciate why they should be posed, and provide access to the growing body of knowledge about rural transport systems now available on the Internet.


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First a note about Peter Gould's old site at "": Peter Gould relinquished this domain but the domain has since been acquired by another individual who, without Peterís permission, has reloaded Peter's original copyrighted material back onto the Internet using the original domain.

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The following are all from Peter Gould's archived website

Histories and Fleet Details of Local Bus & Coach Undertakings

This is an excellent compendium of Transport History. On this site you will find General Histories, Operator Fleet Histories, Manufacturer Histories and Biographies of Transport Pioneers. 

Birch Brothers History 1899-1971

The history of Birch Brothers from 1899 to 1971.  An excellent article about Birch Brothers (Taxi and Coach Operators) who had the vision of an all new diesel taxi (the one that my father designed). Birch Brothers also operated the PRV Royalist coach displayed on this site.

Birch Brothers Bus Fleet List

Birch Brothers Bus Fleet List 1904-1971

Salford Corporation History 1901-1969 

The history of Salford Corporation.

Salford Corporation Fleet List

Salford Corporation Bus Fleet List 1920-1969

The above are all from Peter Gould's archived website

Lancashire United Transport Society

The history of Lancashire United Transport.