Birmingham City Transport

This page is dedicated to PRV or Roe products initially destined for Birmingham City Transport; thus it is a compilation of products found elsewhere on this website. 

As a result of a banner-page plea on this website (Feb. 2018) asking for information on the PRV-built Birmingham RT's, Peter Williamson kindly wrote in with his investigation into the subject and commented as follows:

"I have obtained the following, starting from 'Birmingham Corporation Transport 1939-1969' by Paul Collins (Ian Allan Transport Library), and then using the registration numbers to look up on Flickr and

There were 15 AEC RT type Regent IIIs with Park Royal H29/25R bodies.
Fleet numbers 1631-45
Registration numbers GOE631-45
Chassis numbers O961189-203 (but not in fleet number sequence)
Body numbers B32226-40

They were delivered between August and October 1947, and worked into the 1960s. The bodies were not to the standard RT design but (apart from the cabs) were assembled using standard RT jigs. Photos in the book (mentioned above) and on Flickr show them on routes 1 & 44."
Peter Williamson

Here is GOE 631 in Google image search.

(I would be grateful if anyone has any images of these RT types that I could display on this site; acknowledged of course. Ed.)

Daimler Fleetline
b49110_259-1.jpg (69446 bytes)b49110_259-2.jpg (71190 bytes)b49110_259-3.jpg (76947 bytes)b49110_259-4.jpg (77660 bytes)b49110_259-5.jpg (77263 bytes)b49110_259-6.jpg (70066 bytes)b49110_259-7.jpg (60893 bytes) Registration Number 255GON Built June 1963 (Body Nos. B49110-259); for Birmingham City.

b55123_260-1.jpg (96703 bytes)b55123_260-2.jpg (89959 bytes)b55123_260-3.jpg (71645 bytes)b55123_260-4.jpg (61018 bytes) Registration Number FOC617D Built December 1966 (Body Nos. B55123-260); for Birmingham City.

b55211_60-1.jpg (64003 bytes)b55211_60-2.jpg (59394 bytes)b55211_60-3.jpg (73781 bytes)b55211_60-4.jpg (70911 bytes)b55211_60-5.jpg (75376 bytes)b55211_60-6.jpg (86080 bytes) Registration Number NOV836G Built November 1968 (Body Nos. B55211-60); for Birmingham City.