British European Airways

Please note: Although BEA owned its coaches they were operated by London Transport on its behalf.

AEC Regal IV

MLL738 is a PRV built coach (Body # B35271) built in February 1953 on an AEC Regal IV chassis (# 9822E120) for BEA.  Roy Gould who owns and restored the vehicle comments: 
"There were 65 BEA coaches built. I understand there were problems at PRV with the unions when they were being built due to the height of the ceiling at the front being son 8 feet above the floor. Presumably the problem was resolved. It's interesting to note that they used the same window pans as the RF buses (built by MCW, can we mention that name here?) and the rear between decks corner panel is the same as the Routemaster between decks corner panel!  I know that because Iíve got a modern glass fibre RM corner and it appear to have the same curves!"

(My father Alfred Hill designed both the BEA coach and the RM and, as he wasn't one for wasting time or effort, if the BEA coach panels would suit the RM then the that's what the RM got; so I suspect this is the answer to Roy's perceived likeness.  As for mentioning MCW; well the manufacturer is mentioned elsewhere on this site so............ Ed.)

(Images courtesy & ©Roy Gould) 

MLL738 at the 2017 Potters Bar Garage open day.
Readied complete with fleet names ready for Detling Show in April 2017.
Pictured in 2013 outside the old depot in New Romney, alongside another Park Royal product, an East Kent AEC Reliance.
A detailed image of the interior showing new Rexine.
Another of the new seat moquette specially made for the first time since 1952!


There were also 65 BEA Routemasters built between October 1966 and April 1967

KGJ 601D (Body # B54293) the first BEA Routemaster; new at the Battle of Hastings in 1066; alright October 1966 (Image ©Brian Burgess). 

KGJ 603D (Body # B54295) was built in November 1966 for BEA services from Victoria to Heathrow as BEA3. Sold to LT 6/79 and renumbered RMA29. The stairs were removed and she was used as trainer at Peckham Garage (PM ) being sold  in 1988, nearly scrapped but then rebuilt with stairs, an extra bay, and renumbered RME1 (Image ©Brian Burgess). 

AEC Regent V

There was also one PRV bodied (Body # B46990) AEC Regent V for BEA (reg. # 220CXK) built in December 1961.
(Does anyone have a photograph? Ed.)