Garage Special - August & September 2003

Following the arson attack on the garage we contacted the insurance company.  They sent a loss adjuster who confirmed there would be no issue with the claim.  I was also advised that the insurance company would appoint their own building contractors to carry out the works and that we were not required to obtain estimates etc..  I enquired if we could have a new door arrangement to facilitate easier entry to the garage.  No problem said the loss adjuster, confirming that, provided it cost no more than the original style, the insurance company would be happy and even if it were to do so it would be no issue if we were to fund the additional cost.  So all was well and all would  be taken care of.  Fantastic!

An excellent service!  And I will place on record here that the Prudential have been true to their word.  We have had nothing but first class service from them!

But the story continues - of course - and you will see why we have even more praise for the services of the Pru!

The Police continued their involvement.  I had kept safe the burned monitor in case of the possibility of obtaining fingerprints and we also had a burnt T-Shirt that had been discarded by someone unknown.  Sadly I was advised that the monitor would not reveal any fingerprints, however the Police were as tenacious as they could be given the lack of evidence to enable them to determine the perpetrators.  The Police certainly had ideas and carried out house-to-house calls.  Apparently they also interviewed, but whilst the Police determined that the case was definitely arson, lack of evidence has ensured that those who carried out the crime will never be brought to justice.

A representative from the appointed builders attended site to ascertain what was needed.  It was agreed that the whole structure had to be demolished as, whilst the right hand garage had not been too affected by the fire, no walls were safe given that the one remaining reasonably good wall was only supported by the cracked walls and would therefore collapse when the others were removed.  So towards the end of September work started in earnest on rebuilding the garage.