July 2002

The re-plumbing and heating installation was begun July 1st.  The whole house is to be re-plumbed removing all the unnecessary connections to the sinks in every bedroom, except for the front west room as we will be installing an en-suite facility.  The old plumbing was routed everywhere but the new will be restricted to between the ground and upper floor.  

Much kit has already been delivered but now its time for the oil tank.  The tank isn't heavy it is just awkward. It has to be taken through the house as the route to the rear by the cottage is too narrow. Else we would need a crane!

Fortunately there is already a chimney in the kitchen through which we can install a flue liner. This does restrict the position of the boiler though so the kitchen will have to be designed around this.

Now for the boiler.  We have not been looking forward to this as not only is it extremely heavy but we have to negotiate the steps with it. Thank goodness that the kitchen has a concrete floor else it would need reinforcement.