One parking space in the car park is reserved for visitors to Pen Tre Cottage but can only be granted if the visitor's vehicle is within the parameters stated below.

The car park is suitable for normal “family sized” vehicles; no large 4-wheel drive vehicles or trailers or other towed devices, nor camper vans, caravans or any commercial vehicle.  Motorcycles, with or without sidecar, are welcome and there are ground fixed anchor points.

Vehicles and contents are left entirely at owner's risk.

Click here for our Car Park Terms & Conditions.

Please note that the booking section of these Terms & Conditions do not apply to those visitors booking Pen Tre Cottage.

By prior arrangement space may also be available for visitors to Pen Tre House.

The Terms & Conditions are in PDF (Portable Document Format). You can download the free PDF reader at the link below.

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