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About Me

After a long career in the forefront of IT and computing technology I have gained a comprehensive platform of skills that I am pleased to offer to local businesses and individuals. These skills are both technical and management orientated and I am equally at home in building, repairing, designing and implementing systems and networks (both hardware and software) as I am managing projects, process re-engineering, and operating in both support and sales management (please see my CV for more information).

This might seem a rather unusual and comprehensive mix but having been fortunate enough to work for some of the most demanding companies, and demanding clients, that IT in general has become second nature.

Apart from being able to provide these services I am also very willing and able to be part of a team of other industry professionals in the delivery of solutions to clients and would be pleased to operate under contract to IT suppliers offering representation in the south west of England.

Please contact me if there is any way in which I may be able to assist.

A full CV can be made available.

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