And now for two images of RMLs in Bangkok, Thailand.  Richard Mercerr kindly sent in these images of RMLs he found at the Jesada Technik Museum at Nakhom Pathom near Bangkok.  The leftmost is RML2622 (NML 622E) new to Aldenham in May 1967 and into service at Holloway it was withdrawn in January 2004 and sold to Chase Enterprise (Siam) Co. Ltd, Banyeehan, Thailand in December 2005; then on to the museum in May 2013. The other image is of RML2707 (SMK 707F) new to Aldenham in September 1967 it first entered service at Hanwell & Southall also being withdrawn in January 2004. It then also followed the same path as RML2622.  Richard describes an "hellfire ride" back into Bangkok on RML 2707 that was appearing at a truck fair. (I bet; ED.)