Park Royal Vehicles

Park Royal Vehicles in Abbey Road Park Royal, London NW10, was one of the leading coachbuilders of its time. It was responsible for the design and manufacture of the bodywork for multitudes of public service vehicles both in the UK and overseas.  Along with its subsidiary, Charles H Roe, it was a sibling company to AEC when it became part of the ACV Group which was later amalgamated with the Leyland Group.  My father, Alfred Hill,  was the senior designer/draughtsman at Park Royal.

Unless otherwise stated, the photographs on these PRV pages are from my father's collection.  Many of the vehicle pictures are accredited to Charles K Bowers & Sons; but the majority of the photographs are not attributable.

You will find rare photographs of PRV coachworks, many vehicles and, I believe, the first photographs of both RM1 (the first prototype Routemaster) and FRM1 the prototype Front Entrance (rear engined) Routemaster.

To the right is a random selection of images to be found on this site.  There are many more inside; in excess of 1,500!

If anyone can advise me more detail on PRV or any of the vehicles in these pages I shall be very grateful.  I am always interested in enhancing this site so please feel free to contact me.