Routemaster - Forward/Front Entrance (RMF)

These Routmasters were ordered my Northern General Transport and specifically designed for use outside of London.  Based on the RML (lengthened RM) they differed to all other standard Routemasters in that they were front (or forward) entrance and thus given the designation RMF; retaining the front mounted engine, these buses had no open platform to the rear and the staircase was moved to just behind the driver's cabin.  NGT ordered 50 RMFs in two separate batches; the first 18 buses were built by PRV between April & May 1964 and given body numbers B49978-95 and NGT fleet numbers 2085-2102, followed by a second batch of 32 built between October '64 & June '65 with body numbers B51609-40 and NGT fleet numbers 2103-2131.

(Note: These RMFs are not the same as the one-off FRM [Front Entrance Routemaster] that was rear-engined and fundamentally different.)

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