Routemaster RM3 under construction

The Routemaster RML 3, as it was originally designated, was the third prototype built in 1956 by MCW in its Weymann factory at Addlestone, Surrey.  It was registered SLT58 and taken into stock by LT in 1957.  It had a short career and was used for driver training.  It suffered an accident in 1959 and was retired in 1972.

The "L" designation was meant to identify it as having a Leyland engine but, to avoid confusion, this was dropped in 1961 when the "L" was used instead to identify lengthened Routemasters that were increased to thirty feet by the inclusion of a centre panel that provided eight additional seats.

There were many differences between RM3 and production Routemasters the most obvious of which was the bonnet being made of fibreglass and hinged to the inner side rather than the rear. The vehicle is now restored and preserved at the London Bus Museum at Brooklands.

This set of images are of RML 3 being built in 1956.

battery_installation.jpg (65471 bytes) body_structure_rear_suspension_beam_ns-1.jpg (66896 bytes) body_structure_rear_suspension_beam_ns-2.jpg (70005 bytes) bonnet_top_assembley.jpg (49124 bytes)
battery installation body structure rear
suspension beam ns-1
body structure rear
suspension beam ns-2
bonnet top assembley
bottom_frame_from_front.jpg (88405 bytes) bottom_frame_from_rear.jpg (74098 bytes) bottom_frame_from_rear_ns.jpg (87735 bytes) bottom_frame_from_rear_os.jpg (79487 bytes)
bottom frame from front bottom frame from rear bottom frame from rear ns bottom frame from rear os
buklhead_showing_dynamo_control_panel_os.jpg (63295 bytes) cab_header.jpg (64200 bytes) cab_header_panel_structure.jpg (73850 bytes) cab_lower_front_framing.jpg (49847 bytes)
buklhead showing
 dynamo control panel os
cab header cab header panel structure cab lower front framing
cab_panelled_os.jpg (67547 bytes) cab_structure_complete.jpg (60977 bytes) cab_structure_front_corner_os.jpg (50627 bytes) connection_of_2nd_bar_2nd_longitudinal_bay_os.jpg (66125 bytes)
cab panelled os cab structure complete cab structure front corner os connection of 2nd bar
2nd longitudinal bay os
connection_of_3rd_bar_2nd_longitudinal_bay_os.jpg (60734 bytes) connection_of_front_bulkhead_to_1st_longitudinal_bay_os.jpg (65138 bytes) differential_unit-1.jpg (62953 bytes) differential_unit-2.jpg (66480 bytes)
connection of 3rd bar
 2nd longitudinal bay os
connection of front bulkhead
to 1st longitudinal bay os
differential unit-1 differential unit-2
engine_and_front_suspension.jpg (83328 bytes) engine_and_radiator_assembly_ns.jpg (97648 bytes) engine_to_bulkhead_and_cab_ns.jpg (91123 bytes) engine_view_from_front_ns.jpg (54020 bytes)
engine & front suspension engine & radiator
assembly ns
engine to bulkhead & cab ns engine view from front ns
engine_view_from_front_os.jpg (52811 bytes) engine_view_from_rear_ns.jpg (50498 bytes) engine_view_from_rear_os.jpg (50790 bytes) engine_with_timing_cover.jpg (66035 bytes)
engine view from front os engine view from rear ns engine view from rear os engine with timing cover
engine_with_timing_cover_removed.jpg (67921 bytes) footstool_and_longitudinal_seat_riser_plan_os.jpg (69698 bytes) front_bulkhead_buttress_bracket_ns.jpg (44967 bytes) front_bulkhead_buttress_bracket_os.jpg (48169 bytes)
engine with timing
 cover removed
footstool & longitudinal
seat riser plan os
front bulkhead
buttress bracket ns
front bulkhead
buttress bracket os
front_bulkhead_interior_structure.jpg (78037 bytes) front_bulkhead_interior_structure_ns.jpg (73549 bytes) front_bulkhead_interior_structure_os.jpg (63660 bytes) front_bulkhead_longituinal_bar_connection_ns.jpg (80619 bytes)
front bulkhead interior
front bulkhead interior
structure ns
front bulkhead interior
structure os
front bulkhead longituinal
bar connection ns
front_bulkhead_mounting_ns.jpg (74846 bytes) front_unit_assembly.jpg (103864 bytes) front_unit_assembly_without_radiator.jpg (93808 bytes) front_wing_structure_ns.jpg (66714 bytes)
front bulkhead mounting ns front unit assembly front unit assembly
without radiator
front wing structure ns
front_wing_structure_ns_from_os.jpg (69220 bytes) front_wing_structure_rear_ns.jpg (67966 bytes) gearbox_and_trap_opening_from_front.jpg (67684 bytes) gearbox_and_trap_opening_from_rear.jpg (58815 bytes)
front wing structure ns
from os
front wing structure rear ns gearbox & trap opening
from front
gearbox & trap opening
from rear
gearbox_mounting_brackets_and_3rd_bar.jpg (39438 bytes) gearbox_trap_inverted_view.jpg (54977 bytes) hoopstick_stiffeners_and_exterior_panel_us.jpg (48375 bytes) independent_front_suspension.jpg (34988 bytes)
gearbox mounting
brackets & 3rd bar
gearbox trap inverted view hoopstick stiffeners
& exterior panel us
independent front suspension
independent_front_suspension_and_frame_complete.jpg (56352 bytes) independent_front_suspension_and_steering_linkage_ns.jpg (79421 bytes) independent_front_suspension_and_steering_linkage_os.jpg (77048 bytes) independent_front_suspension_front_ns.jpg (58146 bytes)
independent front suspension
& frame complete
independent front suspension
& steering linkage ns
independent front suspension
& steering linkage os
independent front suspension
 front ns
independent_front_suspension_on_frame-1.jpg (52272 bytes) independent_front_suspension_on_frame-2.jpg (57181 bytes) independent_front_suspension_os.jpg (79327 bytes) independent_front_suspension_rear_ns.jpg (51118 bytes)
independent front
suspension on frame-1
independent front suspension
on frame-2
independent front
suspension os
independent front suspension
 rear ns
independent_front_suspension_rear_os.jpg (79602 bytes) independent_front_suspension_steering_column_and_linkage_os.jpg (84790 bytes) inter-roof_hoopstick_pillar_connection.jpg (60159 bytes) locker_structure.jpg (56059 bytes)
independent front
suspension rear os
independent front suspension
& steering column linkage os
inter-roof hoopstick
pillar connection
locker structure
longitudinal_seat_riser_footstool_end_os.jpg (75205 bytes) longitudinal_seat_riser_footstool_side_os.jpg (61701 bytes) longitudinal_seat_riser_partition_connections-1_os.jpg (57837 bytes) longitudinal_seat_riser_partition_connections-2_os.jpg (68140 bytes)
longitudinal seat riser
footstool end os
longitudinal seat riser
footstool side os
longitudinal seat riser
partition connections-1 os
longitudinal seat riser
partition connections-2 os
lower_saloon_front_coving_panel_os.jpg (54460 bytes) lower_saloon_rear_frame_interior_structure_below_waist.jpg (48380 bytes) lower_saloon_rear_frame_structure_below_waist.jpg (68921 bytes) lower_saloon_side_frame_bulkhead_connection_interior_ns.jpg (60059 bytes)
lower saloon front
 coving panel os
lower saloon rear frame
 interior structure below waist
lower saloon rear frame
structure below waist
lower saloon side frame
bulkhead connection ns
lower_saloon_side_frame_bulkhead_connection_os.jpg (52946 bytes) lower_saloon_side_frame_hoopstick_connection.jpg (59860 bytes) lower_saloon_side_frame_seat_rail_connection.jpg (47537 bytes) lower_saloon_side_frame_structure_os.jpg (89838 bytes)
lower saloon side frame
bulkhead connection os
lower saloon side frame
hoopstick connection
lower saloon side frame
seat rail connection
lower saloon side frame
 structure os
partition_and_staircase.jpg (80766 bytes) radiator_grill_front.jpg (50962 bytes) radiator_grill_rear.jpg (60631 bytes) radiator_mounting.jpg (88068 bytes)
partition & staircase radiator grill front radiator grill rear radiator mounting
rear_axle_and_brake_shoe_assembly.jpg (76519 bytes) rear_axle_casing.jpg (72146 bytes) rear_frame.jpg (74702 bytes) rear_partiton_front_os.jpg (60341 bytes)
rear axle & brake shoe
rear axle casing rear frame rear partiton front os
rear_shock_absorber_service_aperture.jpg (55658 bytes) rear_spring_and_bump_stop_ns.jpg (66063 bytes) rear_spring_and_bump_stop_os.jpg (65533 bytes) rear_suspension_complete.jpg (49770 bytes)
rear shock absorber
service aperture
rear spring & bump stop ns rear spring & bump stop os rear suspension complete
rear_wheelarch_front_os.jpg (48674 bytes) rear_wheelarch_rear_os.jpg (59613 bytes) route_information_interior_box_structure.jpg (41249 bytes) side_frame_and_seat_riser_connection_of_4th_bar_os.jpg (60710 bytes)
rear wheelarch front os rear wheelarch rear os route information
interior box structure
side frame & seat riser
connection of 4th bar os
side_frame_connection_of_3rd_bar_os.jpg (43324 bytes) side_frame_connection_of_4th_bar_ns.jpg (53853 bytes) side_frame_connection_of_4th_bar_os.jpg (60554 bytes) side_frame_hoopstick_connection_os.jpg (41828 bytes)
side frame connection
of 3rd bar os
side frame connection
 of 4th bar ns
side frame connection
of 4th bar os
side frame hoopstick
connection os
staircase_front_inverted.jpg (65900 bytes) staircase_front_top_section.jpg (49900 bytes) staircase_installation.jpg (44314 bytes) staircase_inter-floor_connection.jpg (43181 bytes)
staircase front inverted staircase front top section staircase installation staircase inter-floor
staircase_rear_section.jpg (61710 bytes) staircase_rear_section_inverted.jpg (73529 bytes) stairwell_structure_viewed_from_platform.jpg (66010 bytes) upper_saloon_front_and_side_frame_exterior_corner_os.jpg (76882 bytes)
staircase rear section staircase rear section inverted stairwell structure
viewed from platform
upper saloon & front
side frame exterior corner os
upper_saloon_front_frame_exterior.jpg (72478 bytes) upper_saloon_front_frame_interior_corner_os.jpg (52998 bytes) upper_saloon_hoopstick_and_cantrail_connections.jpg (52353 bytes) upper_saloon_interior_rear_corner_ns.jpg (61327 bytes)
upper saloon front
frame exterior
upper saloon front frame
interior corner os
upper saloon hoopstick
& cantrail connections
upper saloon interior
rear corner ns
upper_saloon_rear_corner_interior_os.jpg (55424 bytes) upper_saloon_rear_frame_corner_os.jpg (64172 bytes) upper_saloon_rear_seat_framing.jpg (50723 bytes) upper_saloon_side_frame_structure_os.jpg (97247 bytes)
upper saloon rear
corner interior os
upper saloon rear
frame corner os
upper saloon rear seat framing upper saloon side
frame structure os
  wing_structure_front_ns-1.jpg (78519 bytes) wing_structure_front_ns-2.jpg (64450 bytes)  
  wing structure front ns-1 wing structure front ns-2