Routemaster - Early Images

Unfortunately, apart from the Front Entrance Routemaster, there were no photographs of the Routemaster in my father's collection, so I would be very pleased to see any early images for inclusion here.  Do you have any?  I'd be pleased to display them.

254clt-1.jpg (107956 bytes) RM1 taken during the LGOC Centenary exhibition at Horse Guards Parade in July 1956.

kyy685-1.jpg (79379 bytes)  Chris Stanley (of spotted RM1224 (224CLT) at Edmonton Depot in December 1962.   

Routemasters at the PRV works circa 1963 by Peter Abbott.

Chris Stanley (of kindly supplied these images of RMs pre-delivery at Park Royal.  These pictures were taken on April the 3rd and 26th, 1964.

kyy685-1.jpg (79379 bytes) Tony Scott kindly sent me this photo taken at the factory on May the 8th 1965 of two RCL's (30' Routemaster coaches) numbers 2224 & 2225 which went into service on the 721 route from Romford (RE) garage on 1st June 1965.

254clt-1.jpg (107956 bytes)254clt-2.jpg (104772 bytes)254clt-3.jpg (90669 bytes)254clt-4.jpg (87822 bytes) Registration 254CLT [Forward Entrance] Built September 1962 (Body Nos. ?) for LTB.

b4729-1.jpg (122199 bytes)b4729-2.jpg (116620 bytes)b4729-3.jpg (99170 bytes)b4729-4.jpg (106383 bytes)b4729-5.jpg (81204 bytes)b4729-6.jpg (113236 bytes) Registration 453CLT [Rear Entrance] Built June 1962 (Body No. L4279) for LTB 'Green Line'.

b49978_95-1.jpg (109023 bytes)b49978_95-2.jpg (97467 bytes)b49978_95-3.jpg (82271 bytes)b49978_95-4.jpg (89269 bytes) Registration RCN689 [Forward Entrance] Built March 1964 (Body Nos. B49978-95) for Northern General.

b54293_357-2.jpg (108551 bytes)b54293_357-3.jpg (73341 bytes)b54293_357-4.jpg (104923 bytes) Registration KGJ625D [Forward Entrance] Built October 1966 (Body Nos. B54293-357) for British Airways [though operated by LTB].

b5500_38-1.jpg (118246 bytes)b5500_38-2.jpg (110228 bytes)b5500_38-3.jpg (101919 bytes)b5500_38-4.jpg (74945 bytes)b5500_38-5.jpg (106860 bytes) Registration CUV260C [Rear Entrance] Built June 1965 (Body No. L5538) for LTB 'Green Line'.  This is the last RCL built in June 1965) shown here newly off the production line and parked in Twyford Abbey Road for an official photograph. Delivered to Aldenham in 1965 this Greenline went into service on route 715A at Guildford. After several transfers it was sold to Wombwell diesels for scrap in March 1979 but bought just four months later by LT and stored at the Royal Albert Dock as a trainer. After various changes, repaints and uses it has finally been preserved.

b5970-2.jpg (93326 bytes)b5970-3.jpg (77922 bytes)b5970-4.jpg (101075 bytes)b5970-5.jpg (86712 bytes)b5970-6.jpg (104007 bytes) Registration SMK692F [Rear Entrance] Built September 1967 (Body No. L5970) for LTB.