This page is dedicated to PRV or Roe products initially destined for Plymouth City Transport; thus it is a compilation of products found elsewhere on this website. 

Leyland Atlantean

b56089_112-1.jpg (105509 bytes)b56089_112-2.jpg (100845 bytes)b56089_112-3.jpg (66571 bytes)b56089_112-4.jpg (74961 bytes) Registration Number JJY634G Built in November 1968 (Body Nos. B56089-112); for Plymouth.

b57152_70-1.jpg (97598 bytes)b57152_70-2.jpg (94454 bytes)b57152_70-3.jpg (62032 bytes)b57152_70-4.jpg (67522 bytes) Registration Number MCO216H Built in May 1970 (Body Nos. B57152-70); for Plymouth.

b58161_75-1.jpg (108122 bytes)b58161_75-2.jpg (104915 bytes)b58161_75-3.jpg (61313 bytes)b58161_75-4.jpg (52735 bytes) Registration Number NDR506J Built March 1971 (Body Nos. B58161-75); for Plymouth.

b60882_36-1.jpg (104843 bytes)b60882_36-2.jpg (93717 bytes)b60882_36-3.jpg (58463 bytes)b60882_36-4.jpg (58732 bytes)b60882_36-5.jpg (53861 bytes)b60882_36-6.jpg (65179 bytes)b60882_36-7.jpg (74357 bytes) Registration Number GDR208N Built in April 1975 (Body Nos. B60822-36); for Plymouth.

Pictures dated 5th November 1974; I think this is one of Plymouth's Atlanteans.