These pages are dedicated to Bus & Coach Operators of PRV or Roe products (& some others') and are a recompilation of products found elsewhere on this website. 

Clearly, Operators were known to sell surplus stock to other Operators'.  These pages do not cater for that process and are merely a compilation of the vehicles as initially supplied to the specific Operator.

Operators have often changed their title, ownership and/or regional coverage and this is also not catered for.  The Operator's title is that known at the time of supply.

This is a first attempt at organising the site for Operators and it is therefore not an exhaustive list.  I shall add more Operators as time permits.

I suggest that you use the "Search" facility for other Operators not listed here.

I would be pleased to hear of any errors or omissions, and if there is a specific Operator you would like to see listed let me know and I may decide to do that one next as I am not compiling the list in any specific sequence.