Leyland Titan PD2 Construction

This set of photographs were evidently unofficial but were taken in the Body Shop at Park Royal.

Evidently taken during construction, I believe they are of a Titan PD2 probably destined for a non-London operator. The first picture is merely a detailed enlargement of the second in which can be seen 602717 PD2/7350 written on the body just to the left of the rather large & distinctive Leyland badge.  It is only this scribble that leads me to believe it is a PD2 that would date it from about 1947/8 onwards.  However the front bodywork covering the front nearside wheel arch looks a much more modern design than the coachwork typically found on a PD2 chassis.

The mystery is solved!  But does anyone know more?

SOLVED: I'm grateful to Peter Williamson who has advised me that the vehicle is indeed a Leyland Titan PD2/27 built in 1961 for Southampton Corporation. The chassis number being 602717 and the body number B41576; the in-service registration number was 301TR.
An identical vehicle can be seen here: http://www.sct61.org.uk/so307

Having now seen the picture of the bus towards the end of its career, I have to agree with others' sentiments that the design was displeasing to the eye. I can only hope that the comfort belied the looks. Ed.

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