Leyland Panther

Registration Number BKH 172B Leyland Panther with Roe bodywork was built for the 1964 Earl's Court Show and destined for Kingston-upon-Hull.  This may have been a Park Royal design as it was one of many orders transferred from Park Royal to their Roe subsidiary.  Measuring 36 feet by 8 foot 2½ inches, this all metal bus was the first 36 footer built at the Roe works at Crossgates, Leeds. (Information kindly supplied by Mike Averill with additions by John Kaye.)

b51800-1.jpg (102420 bytes)b51800-2.jpg (108909 bytes)b51800-3.jpg (76411 bytes)b51800-4.jpg (79921 bytes) Registration NPT203D Built November 1966 (Body No. B51800) for Stockton.

b54366_71-1.jpg (72602 bytes)b54366_71-2.jpg (53586 bytes)b54366_71-3.jpg (53532 bytes)b54366_71-4.jpg (76124 bytes)b54366_71-5.jpg (76866 bytes) Registration VUP913F Built December 1967 (Body Nos. B54366-71) for Stockton.

b52908-1.jpg (67674 bytes)b52908-2.jpg (61668 bytes)b52908-3.jpg (63856 bytes)b52908-4.jpg (83567 bytes)b52908-5.jpg (82526 bytes)b52908-6.jpg (77100 bytes)b52908-7.jpg (75485 bytes) Registration A75576 Built February 1965 (Body No. B52908) for Stockholm.

b54778_977-1.jpg (69072 bytes)b54778_977-2.jpg (67721 bytes)b54778_977-3.jpg (74328 bytes)b54778_977-4.jpg (75385 bytes) Registration A74326 Built February 1967 (Body No. B54778-977) for Stockholm.

A PRV bodied Leyland Panther (Body No. B54926) is seen here in the PRV works new in September '67 and ready for delivery to SL Stockholm as fleet number A74448 (Photo: ©Eric Jones). 

The leftmost bus in this image is a curiosity. It is definitely a PRV bodied Leyland Panther (Body No. B52908) and is pictured here in Stockholm along with two unidentified "fleet siblings". This one-off bus was new in November '64 predating the first main batch of Stockholm bound PRV-Panthers by some 20 months yet having a considerably later fleet number A75412.  I suspect that this bus was built as a demonstrator and shipped to Stockholm for test purposes before the contract for the main batch of 200 similar buses was signed (Photo: Supplied by Eric Jones but ©Unknown). [Does anyone know the photographer? Ed.]

Photo © Dick Hallström

Incidentally, Storstockkholms Lokaltrafik (Greater Stockholm Transport Board) operated 200 Leyland Panther single-deckers and 50 Atlantean double-deckers bodied by Park Royal. The single-deckers were in service between 1967 to about 1984 (double-decker operation ceased in 1976).  Please visit the Svenska Omnibusföreningen (Swedish Omnibus Association) website where you will find links to photos and descriptions of their preserved buses (it's in Swedish but the Google toolbar translator solves the issue for those like me! Ed.).

b50002_21-1.jpg (59430 bytes)b50002_21-2.jpg (59430 bytes)b50002_21-3.jpg (74588 bytes)b50002_21-4.jpg (89641 bytes)b50002_21-5.jpg (64125 bytes)b50002_21-6.jpg (55854 bytes) Registration ANF162B Built November 1964 (Body Nos. B50002-21); for Manchester. Additional detailed photos of this bus are below:

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Recessed ticket panelling. Recessed ticket covering.  Frankmann Lubrumatic.   Frankmann Lubrumatic.
b50002_21-11.jpg (63470 bytes) b50002_21-12.jpg (54132 bytes) b50002_21-13.jpg (57109 bytes)  
  Wheelarch seat.   End partition armrest.

  Exit partition.