And in Ireland on September 28th 2014, Dublin held its inaugural 'Dublin Port Rally' that featured a number of Routemasters.  Pictured here by Brian Carroll it seems well attended with everyone having a great time. 'Good to see more preserved Routemasters still providing services in Ireland. Included is RM406 (WLT406) that was new in July 1960 and into service at Hanwell by November; withdrawn in 1985, by 1986 it was preserved in Ireland. RML2434 (JJD434D) was new in March 1966; it was with London Country in 1970 and by '78 was in red livery until being withdrawn in 2005 when it became Lincoln green before preservation in Dublin in 2007.  ZV36920 was RM1185 (185CLT), new in May 1962 it went through various ownerships before being withdrawn in 2005 and exported to Dublin in 2007 where it has been used, somewhat ignominiously, as an advertisement & direction sign for airport parking. Clearly in need of a repaint, it is good however to see it being used at rallies and for the occasional passenger transport.  Better to have an inglorious use than none at all!