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In the 1950's/60's, Ron Trotter, a Fireman with the Bury Fire Brigade, made a number of films about the Brigade's activities.  One in particular featured the use of Green Goddesses during a training exercise.  Entitled "This May Happen", it was made in 1961 at the height of the 'Cold War', and portrayed activities that might have been required of the Civil Defense Services (including both the Brigade and the AFS) should hostilities occur.  The film was written, narrated & produced by by Ron Trotter and depicts the use of several Green Goddesses.

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Here is the YouTube link to "This May Happen - 1961" (Clicking the link will open a new YouTube window.)

Here are two other videos by Ron Trotter about the Bury Fire Brigade: (Clicking the links will open a new YouTube window.)
(None of these videos are to do with Park Royal but it's social history so I make no apologies for including them.) 

"Blue Watch - 1958"

"Duty Watch - 1959"