Green Goddess - PGW193

PGW193 was exported to Namibia by 'International Fire & Rescue' - a charity that, along with the 'Rotary of Swansea Bay', sent many 4x4 Green Godesses, donated by the Home Office, to fire brigades in mainly under developed countries.

Recently discovered in Namibia's Naankuse (N/aan ku s) Wildlife Sanctuary, some 30 miles east of the capital Windhoek, it is amazing that it remains at readiness for fire-fighting duties and is still sporting its original registration plate.  It's also seemingly in reasonable condition especially considering its arduous life.  However it is a Park Royal product so maybe that has something to do with it, along with a mainly dry and warm climate no doubt.

This image ( Frank Van der Weerden) was kindly sent in by John C Thompson.