Green Goddess - PGW98


Yes; 992 XUJ was formerly PGW 98, a PRV built Green Goddess (Body No. 37491); it was re-registered in 2008, probably by Withamís so they could sell the number plate for use elsewhere!

The owner shows (races perhaps) a 1954 Austin Healey 100 (626 UXK), now with a Chevrolet engine, and wanted comparable transport for it so he gave PGW 98 a new lease of life as a rather excellent car transporter; looking resplendent in its new red livery to match the Healey.

Images above supplied by Brian Burgess; copyright owner unknown (I will gladly attribute if the owner of the images would contact me Ed.).

Here is another excellent image of PGW 98 taken at Goodwood in 2014.

And here's how PGW 98 was re-built (condensed version).

And here's how PGW 98 was re-built (80+ pages of bulletin board).
As this is a bulletin board there are countless comments from other enthusiasts, some showing their conversions too.  But it is worth paging through to see the extensive work needed to recover this, almost derelict, Green Goddess and complete this impressive and stunning conversion.

And here's all about the Austin Healey Chevy.