This British bus is was pictured in 2006 by Martin Wain in Germany at Klingenthal Sachsen at the border with the Czech Republic. Does anyone know anything about it?

And two pictures of a Routemaster pictured by Martin Wain in Germany in 2006.  Unfortunately the waste bin hides the number plate (WLT47?). However, I think it is probably RM470 (WLT470); new in September 1960, it was withdrawn in 1994, exported to Denmark the same year (see below Ed.) and seen in Düsseldorf in 1996.  Can anyone confirm?

Hermann Herfurtner has kindly written in to confirm that the bus is indeed RM470 being shown above at the 'Historicar' classic vehicle show at Duisburg in 2006. Hermann purchased RM470 in London in 1994 and, on November 1st, shipped it directly to Neuss, near Düsseldorf. Contrary to information I found elsewhere and mentioned above (Ed), the bus was never exported to Denmark.  Hermann sold RM470 in 2010 but now owns RM 1330 and RML 2668 shown below. (Images by Hermann Herfurtner)

Here is RM1330 being delivered in Germany.

And here is RM470 celebrating Christmas some years ago in Düsseldorf.

And RML 2668, having been fitted with a lifting roof, is evidently used for promotional events.