Daimler Fleetline - DMS 860

Peter Chenery has recently (September 2016) obtained DMS 860 that was built for London Transport on the Daimler CRL6 chassis (No. 67416) with PRV Body (No. B58947) during May 1974. 

Peter is embarking on the restoration of this Daimler Fleetline and would appreciate any information that could assist. In particular he needs some help with parts of the lower body which have rotted. Does anyone have any drawings that could help him to faithfully reproduce the missing sections?
(If you can assist please contact the webmaster by email and your message will be forwarded to Peter. Ed.)

Here is DMS 860 in its current sorry state and immediately below is how it would have looked as new in 1974. 

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Although in 1976 Leyland dropped the Daimler name from the CRL6 chassis, the Leyland version was identical to the Daimler, thus London Transport's DM2631 (Registration Number THX631S) built by PRV in August 1978 (Body No. B61230), just over four years later than DMS 860, that's shown above in colour and original condition, is how DMS 860 would have looked when new; except for the rear engine cowling arrangement that had departed from the more traditional square lines of the earlier versions, that is shown in a monochrome insert dating from 1971.  (Colour Photographs Copyright (3)